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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #7

Happy Pink Saturday once again and thanks to Beverly for hosting PS. Visit her at her blog and see all the other participants. And a very public thank you again to her for helping me to give-away these 12 aprons. Only 5 more to go after this one.

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Hubs and I are itching to get back over to see Miss Caroline, and we talk about her every single day. She's our pet subject these days.

But the other night we were talking about our trip over and he mentioned Dairy Queen. I perked right up of course because WE didn't go to DQ while over there.

I said, "DQ?"

He said, "Yes, I had to go into DQ to use the restroom."

I perked right up again thinking of Caroline in the car.

I said, "You didn't leave her in the car alone, did you?"

He said, "No, I took her in with me."

I perked up for the 3rd time quickly going over the scenario in my head of which restroom—mens or womens.
My mind was boggling at that moment.

I said, "You didn't take her into the men's room, did you?"

He said, "Yes. What else was I going to do with her?"

I perked up for the 4th time!

I said, "What?"

At this point, I was imagining her with those little hands and lips that loved to touch and sample everything new and the things in a men's room that were head high to a 17 month old munchkin.

He said, "I didn't use the urinals. I picked her up, took her into a stall and held her in my arms while using my other hand to use the toilet." He also held her closely as she wanted to touch the walls, hanger and everything she could see.

I was at once both relieved and startled at what Caroline got to see at that moment. He assured me he directed her little head towards his back. Whew!!!

We are both doing Weight Watchers because we've put on so much weight lately. The other night I just was looking around seeing what I could eat that wouldn't give me extra points. I eat a lot of fruit: canned natural applesauce, pineapple, strawberries, but all sugar free. But that night fruit just wasn't cutting it. I dipped into the Wheat Thins, which is a problem food for me, along with Cheez-its and a few of things. Okay, okay, let's be real. More than a few. I've been known to look at sneakers and thought with a bit of Sweet Ray's BBQ sauce they could be rather tasty. I think I'll need a trip of my own to DQ tonight. Sigh...

A couple of days ago hubs came into the house and said our No Soliciting sign hanging on the porch had deteriorated so badly he brought it in so I could make a new one. The sign says this...well, let me show you the sign:
Of course, this was just at the exact moment that a local college student showed up to sell us oranges and grapefruits for the holiday season. I politely (a first for me with a solicitor, but he was from a private religious institution, where one of our previous neighbors is a professor and the guy was a cutie also...the student, not the professor) told him we can't eat grapefruit. He toddled on his way, which got me to thinking of a new sign I think I'll post out there in lieu of the above one. AND to which I've frequently had to add the question: What part of NO SOLICITING OF ANY KIND did you NOT understand? Hmmmm????
Showing Love Bunny the sign, I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how offensive was that sign. He said it was probably a 6. I told him I must be off my game; I can be much more offensive than that. ;-)

Until next time, bloggers.