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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Storage Jars

I've stopped throwing jars away! Not because I'm especially environmentalist but because they can serve other purposes and they're FREE! The thought just occurred to me when I was getting ready to throw some out recently and thought, wait a minute; I can do something else with these. So I have been spray painting the lids pink (what else?!?!) and washing the jars, putting a beautiful vintage wallpaper on the fronts and backs and then putting buttons in them. As I empty a jar I'll be doing more of these and deciding what else I can put in them: roses, little do-dads, furbelows and bigelots and maybe even ribbons. Just so handy and actually pretty also and did I mention FREE?!?!

Also, they are eye candy for your craft or sewing room or can be put on shelves for just looking at. I'm soooooooooo into "eye candy"!! :-)