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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Under My Sink - a Horror Story!

First of all, read down for the giveaway to be drawn saturday morning!!!!

Look what came in the mail today! A little roses vanity tray. Isn't it beautiful? I think I'll put my hand creams and lotions on it. I have a plethora of lotions and creams!

My sweet chicks, I'm shameless! Yesssssss, shameless to show you the condition I've let this abode decline to in the past year! I'm showing you photos of it today but tomorrow - or maybe tonight - I'm delving in and cleaning under those bathroom sinks. I can't find a thing under there. I don't see how I can frou-frou them up but I can at least straighten them up.'s a wonder hubby is still with me. This is a man who "spit shines" the bathroom fixtures for me. Yes, "spit shines"! That is a holdover from his Marine Corps days. I can't paint under there but I'll think of something to frou-frou it up..........I hope!

Anyway, I'll definitely get right on it. I have already put the clothes seen on the floor in the last photo in a box for Deseret Industries thrift shop. The sandals I've had for 25 years and are falling apart are now in the trash bin also. When I can't find my makeup it's time to "clean"!

Oh, and what does that first picture of lettuce have to do with anything??? Absolutely nothing. I just found it so green and gorgeous when I was washing it to have for dinner tonight that I had to share. Is there anything prettier than red leaf lettuce?

Connie's Giveaway for Today!

I am sooooo sorry this is being put in late but no matter. Not a good day at my doctor's office to have stitches removed. What should have been a fifteen minute "snip" appointment took 2 hours!! That really frosted my cookies because we had other plans that could not be put aside. But that will NOT ruin the rest of my day!!

Okay, my sweet chickadees, here is what I'm giving away today. I woke up and thought about doing this but didn't have anything especially "special" to give away, but here it is. Now, the only - and I mean ONLY - thing you have to do is post a comment here. The names will then be put in a hat and drawn on saturday morning. Be sure and leave me your email, if I don't already have it, so I can email you!!!!!

The above photo is all of it. Explanation follows below each photo.

A sweet silk rose in a dusky pink to do with as you please. Place it under a dome or in a cup with some faux grass or pin to a jacket or blouse.

A simple handful of buttons can brighten my day. I love little buttons to decorate with.

This is a sweet little chick for hanging. I call her Mortie. Yep, love that cute little name.

A postcard of a view of a lake with sailboats from a porch with a wicker rocker. Lighthouse is on there also and a pot of flowers. Just to hang somewhere for those who don't get to oceans, lakes, streams or ponds very often. Or you could frame it as I've done with many, many of mine.

This looks like a simple vial, but let me tell you it isn't! It is filled with the luscious fragrance of the Hawaiian islands - plumeria. If you've never smelled it you are in for a treat. It will fragrance a room for months.

I took a sachet of this to my surgeon's office and Debbie, his nurse, says it smells up the whole examining room! And let me tell you it can definitely get "odorous" in there!!

A handful of pale green ribbons. Fun to craft with or just toss in a pretty glass container and feast your eyes on them.

A handful of lovely little pink ribbon roses. Again, toss into a glass container and enjoy the view!

A handful of pale pink ribbons to craft with also or........well, you get the point by now, right??!!!?

And lastly, a sachet fragranced with this wonderful plumeria fragrance.


Miss Apple Cheek!!

A giveaway is coming up later today. Have to run and have the doctor take out these stitches in my hand. But when I return I'm doing a giveaway. I think you'll enjoy what I'm going to show you! Hah.......