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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Porches #2

We have even more porches to drool over. (This was up the entire day before I noted a typo! Aaaack!!! Sorry.)

Most of these look like east coast locations because of the architecture and the ocean. The Pacific coast looks a bit different from the Atlantic, but both are beautiful. Tall columns, a brick pathway, lush trees forming an allee of sorts.

Northern Atlantic looks like to me. Stark coastline and cedar siding architecture.

A gorgeous and colorful home looking like it is in the south somewhere.

Porches and balconies like this remind me of cottages somewhere in the upper part of the northeast. Pink and comfy! Notice the "eyebrow" over the steps up to the porch and the private balcony with the french doors and fan chairs. Darling!

This definitely has a southwest feel to it.

White house, black shutters are a perfect combination for me, but I want a red door. I'll have it in the next couple of years, too. I love the look of this porch and cottage. Just very inviting for the neighbors.