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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Wonderful Week in Southern Caifornia

It's Sunday and we've had an exhaustive, wonderful weekend in San Diego. Let me tell you about it.

My son and daughter-in-law treated us to the weekend in San Diego. He and his family live near San Bernadino so it was a 2 hour drive down. When we lived here many years ago, the Pacific Coast Highway was the only way to get there. Now, there are freeways everywhere! We had a blast.

Saturday, we, our son, his wife and 3 boys—drove down and went to USMC Recruit Depot and to the post exchange for shopping. Son and his wife wouldn't let me or hubby spend a cent. Hubby and I were gifted with a free room, USMC merchandise from the post exchange (where only the high-end clothing, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and purses are sold), designer perfumes, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, a day at the Hilton spa in downtown San Diego and massage (which was exquisite), the facial (which was exquisite) and some very pricey cosmetics at the Hilton Spa. The facial made me feel 10 years younger. My daughter-in-law is over 50 and has an amazingly beautiful, wrinkle-free face. I absolutely loved being pampered for a couple of hours. I'll remember the experience for a long time. I had to stop picking things up and admiring them or they'd pick it up and put it in the basket to purchase for us! I did spy a pair of Coach loafers and wouldn't let them see them so I could pay for them myself. They're darling, but I was getting too spoiled. It would be easy to get used to this life! :-) I even made our son raise the screens on his Mercedes to pretend we wouldn't be mobbed by any "celebrity seekers." LOL It was really a fun time. But truly, I miss my Idaho! I'm just a simple woman but I'm incredibly happy where I live now with my sweetheart.

I think the past 10 days we've cooked 2 meals at home. The rest we ate at restaurants the whole 10  days. What a treat to not have any of us tired out from cooking!! If I mentioned a restaurant, we went to that restaurant: Outback, Chilis, Olive Garden, Pacific Fish Co., whatever I wanted to eat, I got! The spa experience was as if we were being treated like royalty. Fantastic people being incredibly caring to us. We enjoyed the whole experience.  Both my kids are fantastic to us.

I think this is an absolutely charming dining room. I especially love the chairs.

This one also.

Isn't this an amazing chandelier? I couldn't duplicate it if I wanted to.

Charming vignette in a garden.

A darling tiny screen house in a garden. Doesn't look too big but sure adds a lot of pizzazz to the yard.

This looks like a stone home in another country but I love the red roof with the light yellow front.

What a cute window treatment and chandelier for a vintage kitchen.

A beautiful tin tub of dried flowers, ribbon and tulle surrounding it.

Beautiful bedding and roses on top.

You know I'll always show you gorgeous bouquets of roses. Well, here are some.

I have some Christmas balls just like these.

One way to decorate an old galvanized bucket. This  homeowner outdid herself on this one!

An antique lace shop. I'll bet it would be fun shopping here.

And living in this old house is someone's dream I'm sure. ;-)

What a colorful living room. I'm not fond of orange but this is cute!