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Monday, December 14, 2009

Puttered Around Today

Join Cielo at the house in the roses for another Show Off Your Cottage Monday.

A sneak preview of the Pink and Roses Christmas tree.


A good day for puttering around this household is never wasted.

Hubs and I have believed for several years now in getting our food storage for the hard times ahead. I found this seed company that has non-hybrid "survival seeds." We're getting some to have in case seeds become non-available. If you are interested I suggest you go now because they are having a sale of 30% off a starter pack. They are called "LDS Food Storage Seeds."

Recently hubs and I went to the LDS Cannery and bought 50# of hot cocoa mix. It was a fantastic deal, but we still have to pack it into 5 gallon bucket containers for food storage. Last year we went through 25# in about a year and a half so this should last through this winter and into the next. And I've tripped over it about 5 times so far. *Sigh*...

I finally got a new Magic Mouse from Apple. It's wireless and no buttons on it at all, just a sweep of a finger or 2 fingers and it scrolls up, down and sideways. Just an amazing little mouse. It takes a bit of getting used to because it's so much flatter than the old wired one. Hubs will get it; he always gets my hand-me-downs. ;-) I'm a first born child, ya know, and never had hand-me-downs. ;-)

I then thought I'd get started on my Christmas birdhouse for a friend. She doesn't read blogs so she won't be seeing this, but I got it out today for a coat of pink paint. You'll see the finished product soon.

I then froufrou-ed up the ornaments for the pink Christmas tree cutting little circles with pinking shears and gluing little ribbon roses to the inexpensive glittered ornies. This is how they turned out. Cute, huh?

A gift from a friend. It will probably go on my mantel or at least a place of honor from this very special friend.
Yawn, I'm all puttered out now.