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Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to Blogging

It's been a long while since I've posted a regular blog post but today just felt right. I think I'll be back at least once a week. A lot has happened.

I did another round of physical therapy—fourth time for the same injury in a fall several years ago now. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally and still very emotional and my sweetheart of almost 54 years helps and supports me a lot.

I had a "breakdown" in Costco in July; it was a Friday. I went over with hubby for his eye exam to help drive him home if they dilated his eyes. While he got examined I strolled around for some groceries. I was in one aisle and just felt myself welling up with tears. Immediately I went back to the optical department to wait for hubby. He finished and wanted to shop some so I said okay even though I really didn't want to shop.

In the "syrup" aisle I just stopped and told him I couldn't go on any more. He went over and picked up our last item in the back of the store. A woman in the aisle I was in accidentally dropped an huge gallon of maple syrup all over the floor. That did it for me. I just broke down in tears. Hubby got me out of the store. I cried all the way home, went right into our bedroom and sobbed and slept until Monday, 3 days. It's been an uphill battle since then. I'm much better now, but my neighbor is a licensed social worker and referred me to someone who would be good for me. She knew I needed someone "neutral."

So I had more PT with another therapist and that did better than all 3 times with the former therapist. I finally got an MRI and there was spinal stenosis and nerve damage and my left hamstring is atrophying. I'm still doing the exercises but at home now. But I've had a great friend who has helped me along and I love her to pieces. She definitely understands as she has depression also. I can deal with it but it's harder in my 70s than the small bout I had in my 40s when we decided to leave California and move to Idaho.

This is my 2 year old great granddaughter, Miss J. She has her own style and insists on dressing like this now and even going to daycare, this is the outfit. You can see she loves glitz and glam. She takes after her Nana, which is what my grand kids and great grand kids call me.

We're calling this style "Dollar Store Chic" as just about everything she has on came from our local dollar store. I think they went there 5 times while they were here. It was their favorite place to go and went there 3 times in one day!

Yep, got her cowgirl hat on backwards and unhappy she isn't getting her way.

Sunglasses are accessories to ALL the girls in this family. We never go out without them. Notice she even has on 2 different shoes. Her favorite thing right now is shoes, even if the hand-me-downs from her sister are too big. Th' girl has style AND attitude! Just like the rest of the girls in the family.

Spaghetti is her favorite meal, along with raspberries.

This is big sister, Miss C. She's also a pip!

This is Christmas day. My granddaughter, their mother, said they unwrapped presents all day. They believe in "overdoing"! But I called them that night and they were still unwrapping Christmas presents.

This is the bonus room and it is stacked wall to wall with toys and shelves holding toys. This is a "clean" room day. Most days you cannot get through it for the toys on the floor.

This is her big sister on Halloween. I have no idea what the costume is. But it's Miss C's style also.

The kitchen cabinets were painted white over Thanksgiving so they came over here to visit us as the paint is oil-based and odorous and they had to leave the house. The light you see in the upper right hand corner is gorgeous. They have 2 lights over the island and they're crystals. I lost my breath the first time I saw them. I'd love to have them in my kitchen but we have vaulted ceilings and it would be a chore trying to change from the recessed ones we have. They are truly breathtaking in their kitchen.

I love this room. Just cozy and a great room for company. I'd add pink of course.

An adorable porch. Love the chairs but I'm sure they'd get dusty in this area.

Another sofa and chairs I adore. Just a glamorous room and I love glam.

I'm not fond of the natural color of wood. I prefer white but this is gorgeous. Some people won't paint wood. I'm NOT one of those people. If it's too dark I paint it! Wood is not sacrosanct in my book. But this room is beautiful with lots of light.

If I had this kitchen I just might cook more but we know how I feel about cooking every day. Not for me.

I also love this sweet entry area. It's welcoming as most entries should be.