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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ramblings 10/27/2012

Ramblings today.

Finger-tight has a whole new meaning when you're married to Love Bunny. Now, he is the strongest man I know. He and my oldest grandson have no idea of their strength. They just don't have a clue. When being hugged by our oldest grandson, who is 28, it actually hurts. He always apologizes, but at 6'4" his hugs get my upper back just under the arm pits and it hurts so bad I always have to tell him to back off. Hubs doesn't do that to me, but if he grips my ankle to apply lotion to my feet or puts my socks on my feet (I know; I'm spoiled!) I have to tell him to stop. He just doesn't realize how strong he is.

Recently I had him help me with some curtains on a rod that slips into some brackets that have a tiny screw to tighten it. I had to reposition it later in the day and couldn't get it to unscrew! I called him in to do it for me. Same with lids on jars and bottles. Always too tight! Today I was refilling the salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen and dining room. After filling, I turned to him to put the tops back on and pulled my hand with the salt shaker back and told him, "Nooooo, I'll never be able to get it off again if you do it." You have no idea how many times I have to go outside or to another room to find him to get a lid off of something he's put back into the refrigerator. While it's frustrating, I never have to worry about someone attacking me because he'd have broken limbs before I could even shout for hubs to help me!

Have you ever had someone you know come to "just drop off" something? I actually hate that. They usually won't come in and there are times I'd love to chat with that person. It's always when they're on their way to something with kids. I think that's becoming the norm in the world. I have only one or two friends who'll come over to just sit and chat. It's much needed in society today. So when you have a chance, visit with that person; don't just "drop off" something.

Do you miss the old-fashioned dust mops? I do. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a Swiffer for dry floors and a Swiffer for mopping floors. I told Love Bunny about this recently—missing the old dust mops—and he said to go buy one. Well, we did. Now, they aren't the triangular ones with yarn for dusting, but the long oval one I bought does a nice job of getting the dust bunnies from under cabinets, something my Dyson can't do due to its height. I love dust mops. Makes me feel like I'm a real woman! LOL

Do you remember when ice cream used to come in little squares or rectangles wrapped in cardboard? Hubs brought this up recently and I had forgotten. We have so many memories that kids today will never know or have the sweet memories or experiences we had as kids. I feel sorry for them, actually.

Have you ever seen such a pretty colorful patio?

More beautiful bowls, thermoses, cups and vintage, rustic scales.

Bowls filled with spools of lace, a candle in a champagne class, lace and a rose in a milk bottle. Darling!

Pretty table centerpiece of roses.

Love this lamp shade!

A pretty entry way.

This just reminded me of an old house we used to live in. This is quite cute though.

Lovely garden shed.

Just some pink and red eye candy I found adorable.

A cute place to sit in a back yard. Look at the "pool"! I may try to duplicate something like this next year in a shady corner of our back yard. I love this.

Now, this could be a place for sleepovers for a teen or it could be 3 sisters in a room of their own, but it certainly has a lot of pizzazz.

A play area for a little munchkin.

I should think this is somewhere in another country from the looks of the stove.

A peaceful bedroom.

No, you'll probably never have a home like this but it's fun to look inside something this beautiful. I think this hallway is about the size of my entire house! ;-)