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Friday, July 6, 2012

Three Generations Of Women's Hands

This post is my 1200th post. I can't believe I've blabbered that much.

A friend told me recently that I had beautiful hands and another friend with us agreed with her. I was stunned. I have 70 yr. old hands with brown spots. These hands had been beautiful once. Sometimes when I look at them and see the wrinkles and brown spots of age, I wonder with a start: whose hands are these? A stranger's, certainly an old woman's. Not mine, not Connie's.

But then I see my daughter's and granddaughter's and great granddaughter's tiny little hands and I see mine 30 years ago. Yes, thy have the same structure, the same coloring, except mine are now spotted with age. We use our hands in the same manner and that pleases me. Yes, our hands do look alike. Three and now four generations of hands. All of us women in the family are expressive with our hands. We all keep the nails close-cut because we're all on computers all the time, but all of us have long slender fingers. Mine aren't as slender as theirs are now but they were several years ago.

I'm just thrilled to see my progeny before I die. Many don't, but I love seeing how much we are all alike and the ways we're different. Same temperament for the most part. I wonder how we'll all fit together in the eternity. I'm only speaking of the girls now. My boys are just about all mellow, sweet and kind. We women have more spark to us. ;-) We're all definitely the alpha dogs in the family.

Let’s start off with some beautiful pillows. Of course, this whole room looks gorgeous though.

Same here. Just a beautiful vignette in someone’s beautiful hobby room.

Rustic meets romantic shabby. Yep, love this room!

This looks like a shop somewhere and I wish I knew where that somewhere was. ;-)

Adorable! And I’m making a set of those COOK letters and giving them away. It’ll be a couple of weeks, but I’m doing it.

Another absolutely stunning lamp I thought you’d love to see.

A bedroom I could live in, you betcha!

Simple stone cottage in the UK.

And another cottage with bright yellow shutters and red flowers surrounding it.

Looks like the owner took a fireplace and incorporated it into a headboard for a beautiful shabby look.

I still have a Pyrex bowl like the yellow one on the bottom. My mother gave it to me over 50 years ago and it was old when she gave it to me. I use it all the time. I’ll never part with it.

These are my kind of colors, especially that pink on the stucco.

A sweet entry for you. I can’t quite get the floor though. Looks like brickwork and some stone showing through where the door swings.

Somewhere in the Mediterranean. I’m guessing Greece.

Even city apartment dwellers long for gardens and a place to sit outside and eat. This has got to be one of the smallest I’ve ever seen though.

Pretty display in a kitchen.

I love the blue cabinets but the tiles would drive me nuts with my OCD. ☺

Cute display of purple flowers.