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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finishing Up With Creating My Office Space

Okay, I usually only post every 2 days and I'm prescheduled until the middle of March but I couldn't keep all of you in suspense with what I did today.

I dragged the old wooden slatted bench from the front porch into this office. It is bright red flaking paint but I have extra covers to throw over it. I'm so glad I bought this Rachel Ashwell duvet a couple of years ago since she is closing her stores now. I took this duvet apart to have 2 large pieces of fabric. That's a LOT of fabric but I use each side for throws over furniture or tables I want to change from time to time. I like the way the bench looks now here in my office. And I still have another side of the duvet to use also.

Of course, I always have a plethora of fabric lying around so I took this thrice used fabric, which was at one time a curtain, and tore it in half to make a cover for the front of my desk. The little shelf on the right is now behind my desk chair and I plan on covering it with fabric and starch soon, but I need to do other things and my daughter and granddaughter are coming wednesday.

I then sewed the 2 pieces together to make it wider and then ruffled it in my ruffler. I then sewed on a piece of embroidered ribbon on the front and used my pinking shears to the top of the fabric to stop it from fraying. Then I took some sticky velcro and cut little pieces about 1/2" in length and glued the "fluffy" side to the desk and the other "plain" side to the fabric. VoilĂ , the cover up for the cords. I am soooooo into easy ways of doing things and this was easy! I haven't hemmed it but just folded it under a bit but I may use tiny straight pins or even tiny safety pins to secure it. I do this because so many things in my home have been repurposed for other uses rather than the original intended use. I've given you 2 views to see it. It only goes across the front area.

It is "serving its purpose" here very well, don't you think?