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Friday, December 31, 2010

Black, White & Chartreuse for Pink Saturday 1/1/11

It's another Pink Saturday with Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. Click on the logo below to visit all this week's participants.


I know this is a busy day or maybe just a lazy day for sleeping in but I thought I'd show you more of my favorite rooms from Ethan Allen.

Essence of a French garret. Ooo la la.

Beautiful black and white.

More red and yellow with a bit of black and white thrown in.

Chartreuse! I just love this room color, very bold and beautiful and very elegant.

And the matching bedroom.

The colors in this room remind me of my mother because her favorite colors were orange and green. She would have loved this room I think.

I like this sofa but the room is a bit too modern for my taste. Remember, I grew up with MODERN when it was original in the 50s. I hated it then and still don't like it.

This would make a cute family room for a country house. Just showin' ya some ideas, chicks. Much more to come in the New Year.

And just some beautiful roses boxes I have on my plant shelf. I don't like plant shelves but I'm stuck with them in this house so I must grow to like them. These little boxes were purchased back in the 80s however and go perfectly up there.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Knobs

The kitchen cabinets are needing more pizzazz. Why, you ask, would I be so concerned about them when I would eat every meal out if I could because I hate cooking anymore? Because I'm a woman, that's why. At a certain age, we would prefer to eat out, being lazy in our older years. I know there are women who just love to cook for their families for the big holidays. I ain't one of them! I'm sure there's a self-help group somewhere for them. I'll look into it if requested!

So, I decided to use some decals I made a couple of years ago of my own pathetic little rose. I think I used the wrong sealer and they sort of crackled. I did the top cabinets—all 9 of them—trying to convince myself they would be just fine once they set and dried. NO luck! Never fear; I am never without decals in this house, purchased or made by me.

So I took them off and replaced them with some I had in my stash of decals. I like these much better.

Here are a few different angles so you can see them better. It's difficult photographing them up this close with the flash, but I get much better photos with my flash than without when inside this house.


Random Thoughts:

We have 2 kids—a daughter and a son. They were born 11 1/2 months apart. Hubby had her potty trained and broken from the bottle while I was in the hospital having Keith. Yes, you can believe that; she was potty trained at 11 1/2 months.

While giving birth to Keith I almost died, but I didn't realize he didn't know this until this year when I mentioned it while we were all together for the blessing of Caroline, our newest addition to the family. It was just a casual mentioning of being in the hospital for 11 days and not seeing him for 9 days because of how sick I was. He was shocked. I never thought much of it and just never mentioned it to him I suppose. I had uremic poisoning.

But this isn't about the birth of him; it's about how I don't usually talk about one kid to the other. It's just how it's been in this family. Hubby and I keep our counsel to ourselves about our kids. But to think I'd never let our son know how sick I was when having him was a bit surprising even to me. I just don't pit one against the other. They're both mine and loved equally.

Recently I read where the government is mandating work places be given rooms for mothers to breast feed their babies. I think having a private "mother's lounge" would be fine, but does that mean the child is in the building and readily available? Let me tell you about my niece.

M works for a think tank in Washington, D.C. They are providing a room where mothers can pump into a tube that goes down to the nursery through the walls (not hand carrying!) and is available for the child. No contact with the child, just some person puts it into a bottle for him and he eats. What is this world coming to when mothers won't stay home to be with their infants and give them the personal attention they deserve? I was just astounded at this revelation. Institutionalized babies. Horrible. Human beings are a precious resource!

Pennies are made at the rate of 1,000 a second. The U.S. mint took more than 2 years to produce its first million coins, but today can make that many in 45 minutes.

The greed of today.
We talk all about the greedy evil bankers but they wouldn't have been paid all those millions if we hadn't been willing to buy the fantasy they were selling. So don't blame them; blame the people who were so greedy they thought they could buy anything they wanted. All of this got worse when we were willing to believe all that popular culture was feeding our desire for more and more stuff. It's one thing to see sports and movie stars in their mansions in a rarified world and we thought if they have it I should be able to have it. We bought that we felt we were entitled to. We thought we could buy what we wanted. This caused our values to change. Things don't matter; people do. And that's just one of the reasons we're in this situation today.

I hear people regularly say they have issues with something. It's not an issue; it's a problem or opinion. Calling it an issue tries to give it a "lofty" feeling. Call a spade a spade here and get over it.

To see the condition of the human heart, you must look first to where scientists will not admit to looking at all. It's that simple. ;-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

In Honor of Blues

This post is dedicated to lovers of blue, but to one blogger especially who loves a certain shade of blue that is known as McCoy blue I believe—Claudia, a really neat lady who has a darling little cottage in New York state along with her hubby and dogs.

This is the color that made me think of her. Oh, it is probably not the same color of blue she loves, but it simply reminded me of her. Since Claudia is a voice coach with a theatrical background and the sofa has a theatrical bent to it—to me anyway, it reminds me of her even more. Theatrical style, theatrical fabric (velvet) and theatrical colors!

And this color also just reminded me of Claudia.

There are lots of different blues in these photos but I love this periwinkle color of blue the best.

Blue headboard and flowery blue linens for this lovely room.

A touch of blue in the desk and side table in this monochromatic room. Very soothing.

Would you have ever imagined these two colors together and looking so beautiful together? I absolutely love them. That in no way means I'll fall to their allure. :-) I'm still a PINK girl!

This photo scan has absolutely nothing to do with blue, but I like the serenity of it. It's probably a coastline on the east coast since I'm very familiar with the west coast shoreline and it doesn't look too much like ours out here.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Wysocki Christmas for 2010 Pink Saturday

Merry Christmas from Connie and Love Bunny, my sweet blogging chicks. I hope this day finds you all well, laughing with your family and stuffed with favorite foods of the season, whatever that may be in your home.

But it's still Pink Saturday so go to Beverly's site and view all the other participants.


As with all of you, I have always loved Christmas, not for the gifts—oh, that was probably true as a child, but for the feelings most of us feel this time of year. I believe it ranks right up there as the most favorite holiday of the year. In saying that, I'll explain what it means to us in this home.

We're a very religious family. We attend church every sunday and try to observe the Sabbath as a holy day of rest. That's tough for me because I'm always busy doing something. But we don't shop on sundays, work, eat out or have lavish dinners. We try to keep all sunday dinners simple so we don't spend a lot of time preparing or cleaning up after dinners.

I've already stated this but I'll say it again: We don't buy presents for each other, only for the youngest grandkids and, now, our great granddaughter. It's not about saving money for us; it's about being in the true Spirit of the reason for this holiday, plus there are absolutely no NEEDS here and very little wants. We concentrate a bit more of the life of Christ and the glorious gift of eternal life he has given us. To be caught up in the frenzy of purchasing gifts, decorating (although, hubs insists we have a tree and lights around the house outside because he loves seeing those things), and the frazzle of shopping isn't my idea of fun either. It's chaotic and we then forget our Savior and His gift.

So I'm just going to share some limited edition prints we have of Charles Wysocki that I've collected and now hang in the bedroom's hallway. In our last house we had the dining room all red and green and Christmas-y all year and yes, there was bright red carpet that no one could believe we put in there. I thought it was gorgeous though. I loved it but we don't need a formal dining room now so they have taken up residence in that hallway. Frankly, I'm just too lazy to take them down for a good photoshoot so this is as good as it gets in that cramped hallway. And, since you're here, you've probably had it with the family, all the cooking, eating and just want to get away from the zaniness for a few minutes. ;-)

Wysocki's paintings were representative of a time when it seemed simpler but truly wasn't because we now have much more spare time due to the invention of time- and labor-saving devices. I doubt I'd like to have lived back then but I would like the patriotic fervor, camaraderie, politeness and gentleness that era evokes in us. You'll always see an American flag in his paintings and prints. Most of his paintings usually evoke the New England part of our country and, although born in Michigan, he lived most of his life in Southern California. He is my favorite Americana artist of all times. His artwork just makes me happy to view it.

Wysocki once said donuts were nature's perfect food. I wholeheartedly agree! You'll notice the touch of whimsy in his painting below by putting his name—Charlie—on the pastry wagon.

Who wouldn't love this happy greeting at this time of year?

This is one I bought for my hubby because it has a train in it.

So, again, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the season and I hope your New Year is a happy one for you and your family.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Looked Out My Window and What Did I See?

It wasn't apricots growing on an apricot tree. It was snowy branches through lace curtains. Lights reflecting from our eaves into the bushes below it. Dormant bushes and trees waiting patiently for next spring. Sidewalks steeped in snow. Awakening neighbors out shoveling their driveways. I can hear the crunch of the snow and ice of vehicles coming down the street.

And then the roses in the house call to me to show you. ;-)

I have a massage appointment this morning and am sooooo looking forward to it. I need it badly.

Random Thoughts:

Monday nights are Jack In The Box nights for us. Their grilled chicken salad. I love it but I get mine crispy. I love their balsamic dressing.

Anyway, we were recently there and that's when I realized that husbands and wives are the same the world over. Another couple was sitting at the next table. They were Hispanic and chatting with each other in Spanish probably about the day's events like Love Bunny and me. Then I noticed the husband just grunted like most husbands. She'd talk and he'd just say, "Hmmmh" or "Uh huh." Quite cute actually to know we're all the same as couples the world over!

I am always telling, and will forever tell, people our age who decide to build bigger houses because their kids are grown, married and gone but come home for holidays: That's what hotels and motels are for. Why keep a 4 or 5 bedroom house with 3500+ s.f. for just 2 people whose families only increase during the holidays? Makes no sense to me.

Fridays are our "expensive" dinner nights. We eat at Outback, Applebees or Olive Garden those nights, if you'd call that expensive. Monday at JITB: less than $10; Fridays at other places: around $40.

I pretty much stick to Fettucini Alfreco at OG but hubs varies his entree. His favorite is the Apricot Chicken, but sometimes he'll try something new. Whenever we order the waitress or waiter will invariably say, "Good choice. I just tried that the other night and loved it." Is there nothing they haven't tried when we order? Sure makes me wonder why they've "just tried it." I'm not the type to roll my eyes, but I always feel a great pull at my optic nerves that I've not experienced since puberty!

It's been my experience that children are dressed according to their mothers' temperature. Mummies will put a sweater or coat on them when they—mummy—feels cold. The kid probably is dying from the heat most of the time. I always let my kids decide if they were too warm or cold. They certainly wouldn't die from hypothermia in my house!

This happened recently at an event I didn't particularly want to attend but got dragged to by hubby. There are times I have decided that broaching the subject of what's on my mind at some parties would qualify me for poor socializing. ;-) I pretty much keep my mouth shut and for ME this is truly hard to do. But you know what I mean. We've all been there when the person we're talking to has 2 brain cells—one for breathing in and one for breathing out. Sigh...

Until next time, my sweet chicks.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Offices and Randomness Thrown In

Randomness today.

Hubby and I have a Secret Santa. Whoever they are, they've gone to a lot of trouble to get us these gifts as the bags are adorable. I'll show you more as they come along, but this was the first bag along with a tree. Each night we've received an ornament and a candy bar (squeeeeeal, but I'm becoming so sick of candy I can barely look at it at the moment!). This little bag had to take quite a bit of effort.


This shiny ornament I received as a surprise gift from Pat at The Urban Chic. She's just a sweet hearted gal!

This is a calendar our granddaughter gave us this Christmas of Miss Caroline, her daughter. I've made just a few scans of it to show you. What is more beautiful than a newborn's baby fuzz...

or the tiny little eyelashes on her when she's so fresh from Heaven?

Her darling big blue eyes that just fascinate her Nana (me)!

Her mummy put her in one of my baby dresses so we can see the difference of almost 70 years.

My favorite sandwich is chicken salad. I'm pretty fussy about my food but especially my chicken salad. My recipe is my favorite, and it's so very simple: chopped up chicken breasts sprinkled with Mrs. Dash roasted for about a half hour in the oven, pecans (they are sweeter than any other nut), mayonnaise, sour cream and celery. Then put on bread with cream cheese and a leaf of lettuce. Best sandwich in the world according to me and hubby. Ham salad is my 2nd favorite and then just plain ham sandwich is my 3rd favorite. Here is a lunch hubs and I had recently: chicken salad sandwiches and red potato salad. Yuuummm!

Can you see the layer of cream cheese? Ooooooooo!!!!

I saw these boots on a website advertisement and though you'd like seeing them. Idahoans take their boots quite seriously, ya know!


Leopard skin with roses! My favorite. And they come in Wellies also.

And they come in psychedelic for you aging hippies.

Just some offices I like. Now, they may not be your style, but you can certainly adept these offices to your own style and budget. Get ideas from the accessories and the styles.

Curiously enough, this one is my favorite. Ooh, I'd change some things but I just love this one and it doesn't look like a huge space either. The light is another thing I love about it.