My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visit to Seattle

While over visiting our granddaughter recently before the birth of our great granddaughter in May, we of course had to go to Paneras. I don't think they are all over the country but are definitely in the northwest. Anyway, we had soup and salad and then one of these beauties: cinnamon crunch bagel. Talk about gooooood!!! These huge bagels are fantastic. Of course, we had to have cream cheese with chives on it also. If you ever have a chance to eat one I'm warning you: they can be habit forming so be sure and buy some to take home. They are the best things to pass my lips in quite a long time. Yuuuuummmmm...

It was rainy and foggy, which is pretty much the norm in that part of the country, but it is still beautiful. I absolutely love Washington in the western part of the state. The eastern part is simply desert, but that is beautiful, too; I just prefer the coastal areas. This is outside her breakfast area.

This is the pond to the left of the patio dining area. They have grass in winter but not summer. The people let it die out in the summer. Weird. Just the opposite of us here in Idaho.