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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Camera for Love Bunny

Last weekend hubby had a model train open house at his club. It's a "once-in-a-lifetime" event, he said. Riiiiiiiiight, but no matter. He took some pictures during it and wanted to include them in a press release he'd written for our local paper. When he downloaded them the next day, he walked into the family room and asked me to come see and I knew something was wrong. The pix were there but they were blank. I thought at first the lighting was bad but editing them produced no results and he assured me the lights were all on for the crowd that attended. There were no pix. He was devastated. I truly hate to see him so disappointed but there was nothing I could do to salvage anything. Soooo last night we went to WM and bought him a new camera. We always have 2 of cameras, computers, that kind of thing in this house! Mainly because he uses one sometimes and I'm using mine just about every single day and I don't share!! ;-) Anyway, I gave him the old camera bag, which I had made and made myself a new one. Thought you'd like to see the results. I've lovin' it......that quilted roses fabric is my favorite "thick quilted" fabric. Plus it stores my 2 extra batteries, the instruction booklet and an extra memory card - just in case. All contained in about 7" x 6". But it sure made a cute camera bag instead of one of those black bags on the market. I live my life beautifully in all ways, chicks.