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Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Is It About Men?! or DUH!!!!

Last week I cleaned the house: vacuumed, swiffered and mopped the floors. Now, for those of you who do not know me, this is a big deal! I'm really not into cleaning but I love a clean house, have no maid, so guess who gets the job?

Hubby was out in the garage trying to get that 3rd car garage turned into a train room and it has been raining and he went to run an errand to Home Depot and came back. While the little "love bunny" was gone (my friend in northern Idaho came up with the term "love monkey" for her hubby and I love it but didn't want the two guys to get confused so I call Jack my "love bunny"). While love bunny was gone I made this sign for him to just give him a clue that I'd been hard at work while he was out spending money. See sign above.^^^

So in came the "love bunny" and I looked at him and said in a sweet calm voice, "Love bunny, you have your shoes on!" Okay, so it wasn't so sweet and calm. I yelled at love bunny, "what are doing with those mudtrackers on?!?!" He looked at me and said "what?" I asked him sweetly.........okay, not so sweetly.......didn't you read the fluorescent shocking pink sign at eye level on the garage door coming in to the house???? He looked at me and said, "what sign?" I took love bunny by the ear to the laundry room/garage door and showed it to him. He said, "men don't see pink" and left it at that. Sigh....................................I just wanna cry.

Must click on sign to see what it says.............oh, your hubby will definitely not see this sign if he's looking over your shoulder.

My Six Word Memoir

Celeste tagged for me a memoir in just 6 words. I think it would have to be this:

"I've lived a happy humorous life."

and I have!