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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ramblin' About a Few Things

 These are all roses I've made or cuffs I've made.

Okay as a doting great grandmother here's another video of Caroline learning her dance steps. It's 5 minutes long but you don't have to watch it if you don't want. But I'm her great grandmother so I get to post it. See how this works? LOL


A few weeks ago while filling out the Pre-Op registration for surgery, one of the questions on one of the many forms had a question at the very bottom: Is there anything else we should know about you or your family. I wondered to myself if they didn't have enough already! But, as you all know, if you don't follow the rules, you don't get to play the game. So I put on there for that last question: Yes, we're a very humorous family. Hubs saw it and said, 'Maybe you should put on there I like model trains.' So I did! The nurse looked at it and smiled. She was very polite and informative as she had had the exact same surgery years ago. I listened intently. I don't think she had much of a sense of humor, certainly not to my obnoxious level, but she did smile. I liked her a lot.

My hubs, Love Bunny, is frequently asking me 'why' I do a lot of things I do. I simply tell him I'm OCD and he can get over it. That's just the way things are with me. He sighs, we kiss, and go on...MY way, of course.

Hubs and I are pretty different as many people have told us. So what? We love each other and that's all that matters, but he does have a little quirk that drives me crazy. If I ask him a question, he rarely answers yes or no, but 'okay' as if that's an answer to a question that has a definite choice, not just yes or no. Example: Do you want steak or hamburger for dinner? Answer: Okay. See what I mean. Drives me insane!

Several days ago I was perusing the internet looking for images to post on here and came across some unique blogs. But there was one of just photos and I noticed the comments on this one blogger's photos. She had one with 674 comments, one with 2,112, one with 3,357, one with 4,335, one with 8,748, one with 8,999, one with 9,114, one with 32,200, one with 36,900 and one with 60,760 comments! I couldn't believe it.  I didn't read the comments but I wonder why that  blog would generate so many comments. Most I've ever seen by far. A few hundred would boggle my mind but 60,760? Wow!

I eat french fries because it's the vehicle I use to get the ketchup to my mouth.
I eat carrots as the vehicle to get the ranch dressing to my mouth.
I eat salads to get the balsamic vinaigrette to my mouth.
I eat fish because I love fish and it's the vehicle for getting tartar sauce or cocktail sauce to my mouth.
I eat pancakes/waffles as the vehicle for getting maple syrup to my mouth.
I eat biscuits as the vehicle for the butter and jam delivery to my mouth.
French bread is the vehicle for butter with garlic powder.
Without these vehicles I'd be a very sloppy mess.
I just love vehicles!!  :-)

A beautiful home in a warm climate, perhaps Florida or California.

This simply points to the old adage: never throw anything away. You’ll find a decorative use for it some day.

Another exquisite lamp I’d love in my home, especially that gorgeous lampshade.

An old lantern lending ambiance to a home.

I simply found this photo stunning.

The pinkish hue to this old building along with the elegant dinner party setting is just so lovely and serene.

Bright colors from probably a Scandinavian country. I found the photos from there so sunny and bright I can recognize them. Plus their women are very good at home crafts.

A peaceful setting, but I found those unique lamps a bit over the top!

This tiny home suggests its homeowner has great organizational skills for such a small place. Very cute!

Some of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas. Ours are blooming madly right now.

A beautiful French chateau.

Another beautiful home.

Just drip pearls over an old dull chandelier and this is what you get.

A rolling cart to hold essentials. Neat idea.

And last but not least, a gorgeous set of pretty pillows.
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