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Monday, August 9, 2010

Come and Gone!

I suppose you know what I've been doing for the past couple of days since the kids and grandkids left.


Clothes were soaked for stains.

Table leaves were taken out and stored back up in the garage attic.

Sheets and towels had to be washed as they used every single towel they could find. Luckily I had some stashed away they couldn't find. Hah, fooled them...

Things left behind. Pair of undies for grandson-in-law, mashed potatoes granddaughter wanted desperately to take home and forgot in the fridge—she loooooves my mashed potatoes—and this shirt for Lè Bèbè, plus a pile of clothes I got here and gave to my new great granddaughter but they forgot! I'll be taking them over in september I suppose.

More towels and rugs to be washed.

Pillows put away in the attic for next time and sleeping bags folded.

Futon put away. Spilled soda wiped up from the carpet that I just had cleaned the week before they came............and..........put carpet protection spray on. Squeeeeeeeal, am I glad I asked for that extra service. Whew!!!

Two air beds deflated and packed away.

Dirty tablecloths thrown on floor for washing.