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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing Juliette Elizabeth

We had an emergency call for help from our granddaughter to come over to Washington because she's was due to have the baby and we were the closest to her.

That was Tuesday night, so we washed clothes that night, packed and got in the car the next day at 7 AM and drove over. She actually went into the hospital 3 times that day but false alarms. Juliette wasn't quite ready. She went in on Thanksgiving day so we just cancelled the dinner until Friday. Still no baby, but contractions all day and Saturday. We had to leave Sunday as hubby had to teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Granddaughter went in at 2 AM on Sunday; Juliet was born at 5:30 AM and we drove over to kiss her little lips and cheeks before we headed back to Idaho. She's a doll and Caroline is now an Official Big Sister. We're so happy and thrilled to have them both.

My granddaughter pregnant with her 2nd child. She and I sound just alike according to my son. We're the same exact heigth, she's a size 2 and I'm not anymore. ;-) I looked just like that when I was pregnant with her mother, in the tummy, I mean.

Of course, her Pop-pop and I think she's gorgeous even if she is F-A-T!

Here's her two and a half year old looking cute while eating. She's a big sister as of Sunday morning at 5:30 AM.

But this is what she usually looks like eating spaghetti. ;-)

And here's Juliette, little sister as of about Sunday 9 AM.

Dark curly hair to her big sister's light curly hair. I love these two beyond reason. Kids are great, grandkids are even greater but great grandgirls are absolutely the epitome of our greatest blessings. We're thrilled to be alive to see the great grands. And our granddaughter is giving us more. She promised! She and her hubby are just over th' moon with th' girls here!

Another gorgeous bottle.

Just some lovely pink fabric with embellishments.

Another bedroom I love.

A necklace for a gorgeous dress.

Bottle with a cake pop inside for special little girls!

A beautiful cupcake in red.

Eye candy in the way of little packets for a party.

A neat way to store tiny boxes and ribbons.

A jewel button on what appears to be a shoe.
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