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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dust Does Not Bother Me

As I've said many times on this blog, dust doesn't bother me and I don't dust anywhere near what should be done in this house. We've lived in the Southern California desert of 29 Palms, the Yuma, Arizona desert and now the desert of southwestern Idaho and when the "dust" blew it was sand! We got them so frequently we wouldn't clean the window sills after each one because it was a waste of time. But we're also surrounded by farmer's fields where we live so I've just learned to live with it and love it, which means I don't have to work as much by not dusting. ;-) Any farmer's wife understands this I'm sure. Dusting is a waste of time to do it every single day.

So the other day hubs was cleaning his office—organizing papers on his desk and credenza, organizing his many briefcases, vacuuming and dusting. I noticed he was dusting with a white washcloth and asked him where he got it. He said from behind the toilet in the guest bathroom on the pipe back there. I almost lost it then. That was the rag I use to clean the toilet! I told him in no uncertain terms that he's to never, ever use that to dust again. I then snatched it out of his hand and put it in the laundry. Have men no clue?! You do not dust with the toilet rag. I think he's learned his lesson. Maybe. We'll see.

How about this bathroom shower? It is adorable. I've never seen anything quite so unique.


Gorgeous huge kitchen in gorgeous blues. I could live with that. But again, I'd have to cook. Naahhhh.

Yes, I love this color on her cabinets, but it would take a brave woman to paint them that vivid, but gorgeous, shade of pink.

While this is a stunning bathroom, I'd sure hate to scoot around on my bottom on the stone.

These were made by a stunningly gifted woman in Germany. I've tried to figure out from her website if she had more available but she doesn't. Everything she does is exquisite.

More women are doing pink walls in their kitchen now. I'm so glad because I love my pink kitchen walls.

Now I'll be looking for old cup
holder trees to paint and put my scissors in the craft room on.

Just like me, she covers her lampshades in roses!

Yummy or what?! Cute.

I found this bedspread on a website but it was $279 and I just didn't want to spend the money right now. I'm on a frugal kick. I know I'll regret this some day; I just know it. BUT I have the perfect bedspread that I could put ruffles on with some fabric and have a comforter almost like this for a lot less. I'll think about doing that.

A sweet, sweet cottage living room.

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All photos courtesy of pinterest and tumblr.