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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Perspective On Some Things

I was reading recently on the internet, the only place we can get news since we don't have or want a television. I rarely if ever have the radio on either, even in the car. I usually listen to my CDs of old music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I try to live a quiet life centered around God. Trust me, I need a lot of work! But I live in the world and try not to be of the world. But this article just floored me.

A "civilized" European country is seeking euthanasia for minors and Alzheimers patients. This is what they are seeking: the law to be extended to minors if they are capable of discernment or affected by an incurable illness or suffering that we cannot alleviate. What child could make this decision?! Have we sunk this low that we would kill our children and older citizens? I'm astounded. I know of a professor at a leading university that advocates killing of children who are Downs even after they're born and have reached a certain age. What a sad commentary. I also shouldn't want to be standing near him when our Savior comes. I'll sometimes find myself weeping for what goes on in the world. That's why I try to not read much about it, keeping my life centered on good instead of evil.

One of the little girls killed in Connecticut recently was a member of our Church. Her bishop in her ward is the son of a member of my ward. He—our ward member— called my hubby, a leader in our ward, to say he couldn't help with putting together our yearly widows and single ladies Christmas baskets because the little girl's family wants her buried in Utah and their bishop to travel with them to conduct the service. So the bishop called his dad (our ward member) and asked him to come help him get through the service. I imagine it's going to be a very tough day for everyone. Life is so fragile sometimes and we've cried over the tragedy but we have an eternal perspective that we'll all be reunited once again. Sometimes, that's all that can keep some of us going. Me? I'll just let the Lord decide when it's my time to leave this world. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've heard people ask the eternal question: How come there's so much evil in the world? Well, we believe the Lord allows it to test us. How would we know what was good if we don't know evil? They're complete opposites! Now, don't get me wrong; I hate evil. But it's what we do in life that defines us, not the clothes, the cars, the big homes or celebrity. It's how we live our lives and the good we do. Again, don't get me wrong; I have a lot of repenting and work to do, but I'm trying my best to be a merciful, good person. It's my daily trial in life Trust. me. ;-)

This is a hotel. Wouldn't you love to stay there?

Sweet and cozy kitchen.

A lovely large bedroom with old wood floors and the most gorgeous lace spread I've ever seen.

I have enough lamps in this house but if I could have one more, it would be like this one. Maybe I'll redo a shade on one. Hmmmm......

This has given me an idea. You can make little crowns with lace by using decoupage and paint and fit them to your kids' heads or add a piece of elastic at the back. I think I'll do one for Caroline and Juliette.

How would you like to have an exquisite bedroom such as this one? Fantastic!

Another quaint cottage with a turret.

This hydrangea is one hundred years old. My hubby saw this and said, "WOW!!"

Cute container for when clipping your roses.

Gorgeous decorated bottles with their very own holder.

Beautiful rose soaps.

Beautiful way to store your laces. I wish I had saved my old spools from laces now.

Talk about isolated! Your own house on your own teensy, tiny island. Going out for a loaf of bread or quart of milk takes on a whole new meaning. ;-)

These have the look of MacKenzie-Childs. I doubt they are as there are so many duplications being made now of their items, but these are still gorgeous.

A Mary Francis designer handbag. It's my favorite one and I'd buy it if it didn't cost almost $300. I think it's absolutely, gorgeously stunning!!!

Washington's Mount Rainier was named for a British soldier who fought against the Americans in the Revolutionary War.