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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dentist and Mother's Day

I had a dentist appointment today. I was thinking he was going to pull my last wisdom tooth and also prep me for a crown on the same side. He took one look at the upper right side and said my gums were inflamed. Don't I know it? It's been hurting for a week but I knew I would be going to see him today so I just took ibuprofen and dealt with it. He decided the tooth extraction should come first and I wholeheartedly agreed as we've been watching it for a couple of years now and it was "TIME" to deal with it. The tooth was trying to come through behind the last tooth and not having much success. I said DO IT! Truthfully, it didn't hurt a bit. I'm home and it's been 3 1/2 hours and the novocaine has worn off and I'm still packing it with gauze but it only hurts where he shot me with the novocaine. I'm tough, chicks! *Smile*

Then I drive the 40 miles home and eat lunch. Heaven forbid I should miss a meal now. Reeeealllllllllly! Then the doorbell rang..............

It was FedEx with these for me! Squeeeeeeeeeal. I guess Love Bunny thought he'd kill 2 birds with one stone—tooth extraction sympathy and Mother's Day. Two dozen long stemmed red roses!! Yesssssss. I love them.

I took this outside. The patio table has dust from the winds we've been having so much of lately here in the desert. just adjust! I "don't do dust" and if you don't believe me just ask Love Bunny!


And if you don't think dentist trips are extremely important then my advice is to take a lesson from this young "lady" and get your keister to the dentist posthaste, chicks. This could be you. I pity her mother..........uhhhhhhh, assuming she has one.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, even hers.