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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stealing Snickers Bars

Love Bunny and I were having lunch at home recently, which is where we have it when I can't talk him into eating out. :-( We had gone grocery shopping earlier to pick up a few things (Hah!! A few things cost me $79.35 that day.) and even with only 3 things on my list to buy, it always gets out of hand, let me tell ya!

Anyway, I bought a Milky Way Caramel bar for me and a Snickers bar for him as I usually do once in a while. We were eating lunch and he told me to stop eating half of his Snickers bar. I thought I'd replace it before he found out. Guilty! (It's the 2 bars in one wrapper kind.) Then he proceeded to tell me I'm not re-wrapping it properly. I just looked at him dumbfounded. Huh?! I get in the fastest way I can when I'm needing a chocolate fix, and how I'm supposed to open the candy bar is the farthest thing from my mind. He said I'm supposed to tear it down the side and then twist the wrapper to keep it fresh. Noticing my befuddled look, he continued and that's where the fun began. I had a mouthful of macaroni and cheese and almost choked from laughing and almost spit it across the table at him. He then knew why. Looking at me losing it he said, "Oh, I forgot—with you there is no 'keeping it fresh'." Since I wasn't able to stop laughing, I just kept nodding my head yes. The man knows me well after almost 51 years of marriage. And apparently he still loves me even when I steal half of his Snickers bar in the middle of the night. If that ain't love, what is? ;-)

I have used this gorgeous fabric for pillows but this sofa looks beautiful also.

I'm not into rustic much but I could definitely live here. It's beautiful. Elegant Rustic or Rustic Elegance?

What to do when you find a good deal on vintage doors.

A place to daydream.

Another idea for decorating vintage items you find. I've done this to a bedside table and it's gorgeous.

Eye candy! Claudia, you could store all your knitting/crocheting yarn in here beautifully.

I also have a stash of this beautiful pink fabric.

A sweet garden room to fix your plants in for the season.

A Mackenzie-Childs style table and chairs.

I find this coffee table absolutely exquisite. I'd love a top like that.

I love this idea. Darling and inexpensive to make with scraps of fabric around a coat hanger and add a pretty ribbon for a hanger. Put on any door even.

A cottage you might like to visit for a vacation.

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