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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning in the Garden

I spotted something on the back patio recently and thought it would make a great photo. So this morning after hubby left I tracked out there barefoot—my usual mode of foot attire—and just took in the wonders of the garden, so to speak. This little sign hangs on the back of the house near our vegetable garden.

This little flower pot needs another coat of paint but I like it like this so I'll leave it alone. The little hanging candle holder I fashioned from an old canning jar was taken down from the top of the patio recently to give it a good scrub or something like that and I've yet to hang it back up.

We bought these grapes last year to train them to go over a trellis we bought about 3 years ago. The name of the grape is Himrod and they are the sweetest grapes I've ever eaten. Delicious! Love Bunny brought me in a bunch of them last night and I had the whole bunch almost eaten when I spied a bug on my pant leg and then another one on the arm of my chair. He hadn't washed them and I wondered just how many bugs I ate before I noticed those two. I feel like something is crawling on me as I type this post. ;-) I'd like to say I was aiming for an artistic photo of the leaves, but truthfully I was aiming for the grapes but this turned out even better than I'd hoped. So see, mistakes can be nice after all.

Same here. ;-)

Ahhhhh, now we've got it! Luscious grapes.

Just my view of the trellis from where I was standing. You can see my neighbor's tree in the middle of the background.

Maybe I'm on my way to be a vintner, huh?

My footprints as I was heading into the house. It truly was quiet and beautiful out there in the morning with the dew lapping over my feet. Quiet and cool.

UH!! Now, how did Caroline get in here? LOL This is your eye candy for this morning. She's wearing a dress her great grandma wore almost 70 years ago. ME!