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Monday, August 4, 2008

Remodel Day #7 and Random Thoughts

The remodel is finished - well, 99.9% finished; the decorating of the house isn't! I still have to paint it and I'd prefer to do it myself since I love to paint. Although I can't paint (walls) like I used to because it's so tiring on my shoulders and neck, this is a pretty small job that will not cause any distress on these creaky joints. The carpet needs to be stretched back in and he's supposed to do it monday or tuesday. (Now, we alllllll know about carpet installers and how notoriously slow they are so I'm not counting on it, but I'll call and wheedle and whine to the best of my ability, which hubs says beats anyone else's he's ever seen! I'm so thrilled to be perfect in SOMETHING!!) So here are the pix of the famous wall remodel now.

This view just kind of "frames" the dining area. Since it's just the 2 of us we didn't want a formal dining room anymore. It was the least used room in the house and would be now since we're empty nesters and kids are in California.

This truly does "frame" the living room when you're actually in the dining area looking into the living room.

New sink he'll install on tuesday. I love stainless steel sinks. They're way easier to take care of. Not many people have sinks in their living room, do they?!?! ;-)

And here, my sweet bloggers, is the trailer I'm going to frou-frou up. Squeeeeeal!!! This is gonna take some time though. This trailer was the ONLY way I'd go camping at all again! So for those of you who have emailed me regarding this, I'm hearin' ya, chicks!!! *Sigh*............... But I truly am excited to have the extra STORAGE SPACE it will provide! I already have a lot on my plate with redoing things around the house.

I saw this pillow on a post when I was looking for pillows to buy and the lady had it in her garage for a yard sale and it didn't sell. I thought I loved it because of all the roses fabric on it and emailed her and asked about it. Suddenly it was mine and it arrived last week. I really LOVE it! Her picture was taken in the garage with piles of stuff on it so I thought I'd show it to you in a better setting so you could see just how beautiful it truly is. It's beautiful!!!!

Now for a rare treat for y'all.......uuuhhhhh, well, maybe not so much. It's me! I finally took a pix with my hair all done for church. I did this with my iSight camera that sits on my monitor. I cannot get a good shot so close with my regular Canon camera! I never think to ask hubs when he's around and besides, he takes lousy photos anyway! Not too bad for nearing 70 years old, but why can't I look like Sophia Loren?????

I was drying my hair and putting on make up this morning and got to thinking. I know, I know......this can be dangerous for anyone within the same block of me, but I was really thinking hard. A few thoughts come to mind while blowing and fluffing this mop!

I swished my foam applicator puff across the makeup and one side of my face got a little more than the other. I tried smoothing it out but I wondered if anyone looking at me can notice I'm "lopsided" today?? Hmmmmm.

This is for all you young chicks out there. (Rachel, are you listening, honey?!?! Joyce isn't even there yet ,but she still won't tell ya these things. Trust me, Rachel!! I wouldn't lie to you, sweetpea.)Some things your mom may have neglected to tell ya: menopause and chin hairs! Yessssssss, my sweet young bloggers, we go through this about the age of 50 - give or take a few years. But it's pure torture to sit in a room while you're "glistening" (women "glisten", we don't "sweat" like jocks do!) and everyone else is wearing their coats or jackets. I'm telling hubs I'm hot and he's saying it's not hot in here. He's lucky to still be on this earth with that one!
Then like I've said before with the 15x magnifying glass that sent me into anaphylactic shock from looking at my face closeup, it's worse when you can see the black hairs growing outta your chin and lip. Just remember where you heard this - and it wasn't from your mother!!!!!!! They're too afraid to tell ya!

Last year I had foot surgery on both feet at different times - 2 months apart. I'll never ever do it again and would not recommend it to my worst enemy........well, if she was wrinkle free and flaunted it, I just might! Anyhow, I met another woman who had done the exact same thing - bone fragments, which is just another fancy name for the dreaded "bunions" (and let this be a lesson to those HIGH heel wearers - they RUIN your feet!!), and she said it took 5 years but her feet felt fine after that. So I've gotta wait 4 more years to have pain-free feet?!?!?!?! Oh, be still my heart! DUH!

Shea butter. Yes, that cream I get at WM - coconut shea butter, which is such a treat for your feet, is no longer available. I loved the coconut because that's one of my favorite scents and flavors and the smell reminds me of Mexico. But they've changed it - to coconut/LIME shea butter. I think there's a tad more lime in it than coconut and it's just not the same, sweet bloggers! Leave my shea butter for my feet ALONE!!!!!

Some of us have the tall or the short gene in our gene pool. Mine has both. I get the relative middle - average! So why couldn't I get the taller gene and be svelte? I think we all get the gene we're less likely to want: short/tall, thin/fat, blonde/brunette, small/large feet, blue/green/brown eyes. I didn't get ONE I wanted! Not one!! Oh, I've learned to adjust but why do my kids have to outgrow me before they're even teenagers. I'm 5' 4 3/4", sparkling green eyes(!) and weigh.........well, we won't go into that one! Hah....... At least I can say at my age I have NOT lost one inch to osteoporosis so take that, Gidget (aka Sally Fields)! Same height I was as a teenager! So I got that going for me.

Who in the world can resist the smile of a child? :-) I saw it in action today in church.

When we moved into this house 3 years ago we looked so sad. I think the church members who helped us unload the truck must have thought "here's the hillbillies" because 99.9% of everything we owned was in boxes. Oh, they saw the sofa (sans the pillows), the chairs (also sans the pillows), the lovely oak table all scratched up from "you know whoooOOOOooo" not listening to MEeeeEEEee when loading it and setting it right next to something with a SCREW(!) and all the legs taken off for the move, the lovely bed furniture all taken apart for the move. I tell you it was definitely pathetic! But when you view it now it all looks nice. Maybe not YOUR style but nice. That's when it hit me - my life was in U-Haul boxes and it wasn't until we opened them and put stuff out that it became our "HOME."

I'll leave ya with those "random thought"!! I'm a deep thinker, ya know..........