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Monday, June 8, 2009

Walking Through Ardenwood

A bit of eye candy for you today.

During our most recent trip back to Calif. we toured Ardenwood in Fremont. It's an old historical farm donated to the state by a man named Patterson. The victorian home on it is just lovely and I'll have pix on that in a day or so and, although I'm not too keen on viewing historical places, this one was interesting and took our minds off the sadness we were experiencing. It actually was a lot of fun that day.

The door to the old servants quarters. It is now the home office.

Flowers were abundant around the home.

The old ice house.

Ferns were abundant all over the acreage.

My family. Son, Keith, still on crutches, daughter's son, Adam, 6'4" in white shirt, granddaughter, hubby looking at the trains and granddaughter's hubby in red shirt.

They had their own railroad side there with several cars still on the track but definitely not in use anymore.

A place to rest and reflect.

Path to a gazebo.

Desert plants and California live oaks, one of my favorite trees stand together on the land.
An allèe through the park.

And a peacock that allowed me to get so close I had to take its picture for my friend, Katie. Katieeeeeee, ya better look and comment on this dude, huney!!

More pictures of the actual house next time! We got a personal tour while there.

Random Thought:

I cannot talk or text while hubby's driving because I'm the back seat driver and drivers aren't allowed to do that while driving. :-)