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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random Thoughts 10/31/09 for Pink Saturday

First of all, there has been an update to my Blogging Tutorial on my side bar. If you'd like to add my button to YOUR sidebar, just copy and paste the HTML into your HTML/JavaScript gadget and to learn how to do it for your OWN sidebar just go to the tutorial, which I updated a few days ago, and it is explained in detail there.

Happy Pink Saturday! I think these are my favorite things to do. Go visit Beverly at Howsweetthesound to visit all participants on this day. Last week I visited Riverside Studios as the one I hadn't visited before as per Beverly's request. Cute blog so give her a visit and say hello to a Texas gal!

As you might have guessed by now if you've read "th' blog" a while I have a lot of random thoughts. Yessssss, I certainly do. I just never know what will pop into this head at the most inconvenient times let alone the "convenient" times.

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day since our kids are grown and have kids of their own (this has been discussed on here before so this is for the new readers because we ALL know no one goes back and reads the old posts but I have done that one time for a chick that was absolutely hilarious; I read every single one of hers from the beginning!) and all they need to do is follow me around the house one day and I promise you'll collapse either from fatigue or boredom and yes, young mothers, there is hope for you because the kids DO leave home and then you get all that time to yourself just like ME! Is that one of the longest run-on sentences ever or what?!

Anyway, I was doing this little birdhouse to either give away in a blog post, stash around the house with the other birdhouses or gift to someone who captures my heart. While doing aforementioned crafting (yes, this is what I do a lot of besides decorating "th' house" or cooking for Love Bunny, running to WM at least 3 times a week, working on blogs, talking to son or daughter, making the cutest aprons ever, thinking up things for "th' hubs" to do, perfecting my photography skills, making templates on my computer—squeeeeeeal, because I love computers almost as much as Love Bunny—or spray painting something to sit in my closet until I decide what to do with it or then give it away because I've decided I'll never get around to "doing" something with it), Second longest run-on sentence ever, right?! :-) I had several thoughts you'll read below while showing you how I do my birdhouses.

Cute, huh?

Random Thoughts:

Why is it that just after you clean the medicine shelves and throw away all those things you just know are never ever going to be used again, the next week you need them and have to go buy more. This has happened numerous times and just the past week since that's why it is so fresh in my mind.
I saw an ad in a magazine recently—full page ad—and it had a woman holding the item for sale. She had on a spaghetti strap top and saggy jeans but her bra strap was showing. Now, I ask you: would you buy something from a company who had a woman with her bra straps showing? I doubt that I would. Where has modesty gone in this country? I don't wanna see your thongs either. We were eating lunch out and a wedding reception was being held there. One of the guests rose from her chair and I saw a good portion of her thong. She was in jeans. Am I old fashioned or what because I dress up when we go to a wedding. The occasion calls for it!

Uptalk! For those of you who do not understand what it is, "uptalk" is the common practice of the new generations to "upspeak" or HRI which is "high rising intonation." Ending sentences so as to sound like a question. All you have to do is listen to about 95% of the English language being spoken now but especially teenagers. They have no clue how to speak. I blame this on the educational system not teaching proper grammar among other things but we won't go into that. The voice rises toward the end of the sentence making it sound like a question. You'll hear it in every segment of society and it just seems to have seeped over to the older generation now. I watch how I speak very carefully and have to correct Love Bunny frequently as this is very contagious. Since I don't go out of the country anymore I just wonder if it is in other culture's language also.

A couple of weeks ago I had my hair cut and I thought it smelled especially nice but when I asked hubby what he thought of the smell he thought it smelled like beeswax. Now, Karli always uses the best smelling stuff on my hair when she cuts it but this got me to thinking. What exactly does beeswax smell like? I don't know but I doubt it smells like my shampoo.

I am a creature of habit; I admit it freely. When I want to read I get some pretzels and a glass of Pepsi and sit in my favorite chair, turn on the light and pick up the book usually sitting on my side table. The other day I sat down and didn't realize the light was on and switched it off because of my habit orderliness. I had to turn it back on. This has been know to happen when I groom each morning and brush my teeth out of order and have brushed them twice because of my "order of things."

Once in a while we go out for a treat at Dairy Queen. Again, creature of habit! I order a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. Hubs orders his favorite thing every time also. Conversation the other night while sitting at DQ.

She: What did you get?

He: Blizzard.

She: Noooo no noooooo,
I mean what flavor?!!!!

He always orders a blizzard just different flavors. He'll answer the question knowing that I know what he always orders and can recognize the cup. DUH!!! Men still don't get it!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing My 1st Marie Antoinette Doll

Recently while participating in Natasha's "It's All About Me" party I thought of all the Marie Antoinette dolls and dress forms that had been froufrou-ed up and have admired them for ever so long—not Marie Antoinette especially but the decadence of the gowns. I've wanted to do one for a couple of years now but never seemed to find the time, forms(!) or the creativity in my head to do one. Since I participated in the party I then thought enough time has passed to do one and started on it recently.

As will happen in cases like this I've become addicted to making these little dress forms froufrou-y and am going to do a few more but this is the first of them.

I used some vintage lace and some Laura Ashley trellis fabric for her skirt. The bodice is pink and white polka dots and rick rack with a rose on the top. I sewed on faux pearls to the skirt, added some lovely embroidered lace around her waist and let it drape over the open skirt and topped it with a ribbon. I think Marie would be proud to wear it...maybe. I love it!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something I've Wanted To Do

First of all, I'd like to say "thank you" to Susan of betweennapsontheporch for giving me some help recently. What a sweetheart!

Ever since earlier this year when Natasha had a "refurbishing" party for a piece of clothing I've wanted to do something. I didn't participate then because of time
doesn't it always seem to get away from us? So recently I decided to commit to myself to do a bit of something to a vintage prom dress that I bought from Bertie. It isn't very much but it does kind of pizzazz the dress up a bit and it makes my heart feel good plus I just love looking at it here in my office.

A ribbon rose I made many years ago and took off a lamp shade that I refurbished a few years ago. Then some organdy ribbon tied at the shoulders.

Plus a pink ribbon at the waist line to add even more color. Then some white posies at the waist line also. It looks a lot different than it did when it was all white.

Hmmmm, I wonder what this will turn out to be?!?! You'll find out in a few days probably.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pink Living Room #2 For Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Be sure and visit Cielo to view all the houses in Show Off Your Cottage Monday.

When I'm not decorating the house, shopping, on the computer blogging, cleaning house, running errands, getting my hair cut, getting a massage, reading or doing church things, I'm crafting or sewing. I made these little cupcakes out of fabric and the little faux desserts. Actually, these were my first attempt into faux desserts. I'll leave it to others now that I know how to do it. I'd prefer to buy from them instead of making a mess that I'll have to clean up! That gives you some idea of what I'd rather do.

I covered the one vintage suitcase with fabric and the other one I painted and added decals. I got them at a garage sale for 50¢ each. Squeeeeeeeal......

This is my plant shelf. I have 2 of those old fence gates and they reminded me of when I was a toddler and my father was in the Navy on a ship at the beginning of WWII so we stayed with my grandmother. Her fence was like that. So when we moved to Idaho and bought our first house here in the 90s there were 2 of them in the shed. I kept both of them and use them in my decorating. I doubt I'll ever get rid of them either. But this one has ephemera on it. The 2 shutters I bought about 2 years ago and painted them white. They were a horrid green when I got them at a yard sale. More faux plants and decaled suitcases.

A close up of my sofa table. The little trio of pedestals hold roses and faux desserts I've purchased or made. The bride and groom are from our 2 receptions for our wedding. The bouquet holder is my actual one from my wedding but I've put in some paper roses I buy from Katie at Katiesrosecottage. The vases are some given to us by friends or a lady in Ireland who we gifted with something from the USA. She was a store owner and we bought a sheep skin rug and left her a SF Giants shirt. She ran out of the store and gave us that Belleek vase as a token of friendship.

I tried very hard to get a close up of Susan Rios' limited edition print called "Fiona's Place" but it isn't easy shooting with glass on the print but if you enlarge the photo you can see it better. It is my 2nd most favorite print of hers. It is a place in Carmel, where we made frequent trips to visit when we lived in the SF Bay area. Just love that place. Very quaint and romantic

This is my hubby's chair. It was originally for me but the soft leather chair became mine by default because it is much nicer on my back. That print behind his chair is Michel Delacroix's print and I love that one because I'd love to visit that house in the print in the snow. It's just gorgeous and reminds me of England in the 19th century.

I also have anything to do with roses on my coffee table. I can never have enough roses in my home: real or faux, I love them!

Going into our dining room—it's actually more an area and not a formal dining room because we had a formal dining room in our other home and rarely ever used it so we opted for just an eating area in this house. I don't like rooms that don't get used and are a waste. That house had 15 rooms and 5 of those rooms we hardly ever used or even walked into. Every room in this house gets used to its fullest.

So there you have it in its latest redo, chicks. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pink Saturday 10/24/09

Recently I had to bring this exercise machine into my office to make sure I'd use it every day— which, btw, isn't happening every day, but I thought I'd at least try and am succeeding much better than I though. Anyway, nothing in here isn't froufrou-ed up at least if I can possibly do it. So I threw a shabby chic sheet over it and added some pillows because I really bonked my head on it 2 weeks ago and I can still feel the soreness where th' head met th' metal!

I think it looks just fine! So why does it remind me of a morgue slab, hummmm? Long and narrow? At least the sheet is roses covered.

Remember this little table from this post here when I bought this little vintage desk. Well, I recently had a man strip it, cut the legs down 2 inches but he also fixed the drawer and made a new handle similar to the old one but bigger. When hubs went over to pick it up the man apologized for some gouges that just wouldn't smooth out and suggested I might want to fill them in with wood putty before I refinished it. Nuuuuu, it's supposed to be a shabby chic romantic chippy vintage desk!!! What don't men get about that concept?! I kept telling hubs forget even telling me that because it's perfect just as it is. I love all the little gouges and chips in it. They still don't get it! I give up. *Sigh*......

I love it though and put the other desk in the dining area to hold the phone and stuff. I may leave this as it is for a while until I decide what I want to do with it. Truly though, I think I'll just give it a whitewash of paint and decal it with roses.

This desk is holding the old sewing machine so I can make ruffles without changing things for a while. I'm not getting rid of it, but I'll have to find some place else to put it because this just won't do. It's on my painting and craft desk! Ya think hubs would go for a room add-on??? I can hear the screaming now, chicks. *Sigh*........

Pretty sad at the moment, but I'll think of something.

Random Thought"

I was in Joanns a couple of weeks ago waiting in the checkout line and a cell phone rang rather loudly and, may I say, with a rather obnoxious ring tone. She, of course, answered it and started speaking loudly enough that half of Idaho could hear her and the only reason the other half couldn't is because of the mountains! The checkout only had one person running it and there were 3 ahead of me and one lady was returning several items so we got to hear the "phone woman" talk about her life. Now, I don't know about you but there isn't much I hate to hear more than another person's life while waiting in line to check out. I loathe loud speaking and life histories of obnoxious people. She looked rather low class but that's beside the point; manners matter most to me and she was exceeding my limit of bad manners that day. I couldn't care any less if she was going to take so-and-so to Hawaii for his birthday, how many comps she had for a Las Vegas hotel or what she was going to do! Totally uncalled for. You just wonder how dull their pathetic little lives must be to have to announce to the shoppers of Joanns what she is going to be doing. Please, please don't be obnoxious to the point of rabid customers wanting to toss you through the plate glass window and crush that cell phone into the side of her head. It's rude, obnoxious and unmindful of those of us standing there wishing aliens would come down and beam you up! *Sigh*........ And for those of you wondering: Nuuuuuu, I DO NOT answer my cell phone in public. I let it go to voice mail or step outside (very, very infrequently, just in an emergency if I answer at all) to conduct personal business.

Friday, October 23, 2009

For A Special Friend

A friend is going through some rough times lately with her hubby being unemployed for several months so I made her something special. It's been hard for them but they have faith that things will be alright and perhaps turn around soon. But she's been so wonderful to me with her generosity, kindness and faith and wanted a french country apron so I made this as a special gift for her. Maybe someone you know is going through rough times and you could make their days brighter by doing something wonderful. Isn't that what this life is all about? Hmmmmm....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's All About Me! 10/22/09

When Natasha announced this event I was hesitant at first, not for any particular reason other than I'm so busy at this time in my life that I wasn't sure I wanted to take on another "thing or event" to stress me out. But after a few days I thought "why not" and decided to enter. Truly I am not a chick who has a problem doing things for myself. I try to not be egotistical or narcissistic but I think we all are to some degree even if fractionally. I am truly trying to be like my Lord and be humble, submissive and loving as He is though. But I digress from the story.

So I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a year: make a beautiful cuff that I've seen on Natasha's blog. I hemed and hawed about this for weeks and finally it got down to the wire to the point that I either do it or drop out. So off to WM and Joanns I go to look at their laces. The lace sat around for days before I even took it out of the small bag. When I finally did, I took measurements of my wrist. Okay, now what to do? I've never made one before but I knew that this one wouldn't be given away or sold so that was the toughest part—doing something from my heart because it was mine to keep and to pass to my daughter or granddaughter as a rememberance of me and my taste and hoping they would wear it someday. And if the new great grandbaby is a girl then I sure hope she is froufrou like her great grandmother—me. (Oh, btw, I've decided what I want that baby to call me: GG, standing for great-grandma since my grandkids call me Nana. I selected what I wanted them to call me before the first one was born). That's my privilege. :-)

So here is what I made just for me and my progeny.

My cuff started with lace and I then added a vintage crocheted rose I have been saving for something special.

Then a lovely rhinestone button for its center. Another pink sparkly button on the other side of the wristlet and then some ribbon roses.

Then since I love polka dots I added this cute little fuchsia button.

Then in the back a pretty dark pink button.

It is so funny because I wore this the day after I made it and did I get the looks from people! Not one asked me about it and it is very prominent on my wrist but lots of stares, I tell ya, chicks.

But I decided to go on and make a couple more for just me. This one is another one that I'll never get rid of because that piece of jewelry is precious to me.

Keeping this one also because the rose was given to me by my friend, Bertie. She's fantastic. I used my new sewing machine to do a smocking stitch and then a feather stitch with pink thread. I then added faux pearls and Bertie's rose.

But as I was making that one for me I also made a couple for the girls of a friend of ours. They are 11 and 9 years old so I think they'll be into froufrou-y stuff by now, right? I sure hope so.

For a friend who is going through a stressful time who will have received it by the time she reads this. Very french looking, don't you think?

These two I made to be given away to the Young Women class I instructed on making aprons.

And this one is for a very special friend of mine who just spoils me when.....well, whenever I least expect it. But then I never ever expect anything tangible from anyone! It's always, always a surprise when I receive anything. She, also, will have received it by the time she reads this.

And this one to a very special "southern belle" chick who adopted me. ;-) I sure hope she receives it by the time this is published. ;-) Surprise!!!!

I really thought I was done and then I had to do this beauty. Reminds me of a Snow Princess with its cool blues and pearls. The recipient will have this one before she sees this also. I love how the new sewing machine lets me embroider the ribbons so beautifully.

Who knows where this one will go? Wherever my heart leads it!

So in the end is it all about me? Maybe and then again maybe not because I get such pleasure from gifting my friends with these things. I did the ones for me first and then I thought how much pleasure the cuffs would bring my friends. And......I couldn't resist! And there will be more to come for some others. And.....maybe even a giveaway.....