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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Pink Saturday" July 5th!

Another "Pink Saturday" and I'm just so happy to be here with you lovely little chickees!! Descriptions are below each photo, my sweets.

I bought this lovely vintage sewing drawer from a woman on ebay and just adore it. It hold my disks for my computer software. Did I ever mention that I absolutely love computers???? Well, I do, my little bunnies. I'm quite proficient and love designing graphics for my own personal pleasure. But, anyway, I love this little "storage" case and my daughter made me a mosaic one also. How lucky can one woman be?!?!?!

Now, I'm embarrassed to tell you that these are my first attempt at selling one of my hand painted items. Of course, it didn't sell or I couldn't be showing you this.....well, I could, but I'm not a proud woman when it comes to this. I'm realistic. I share my feeble attempts with my loving friends in my group but I don't like to embarrass myself much more than I regularly do.....which is quite often actually. I saved an old egg carton from the store, filled it with real looking "grass" and threw in a lot of "pink" and frou-frou-y things but I guess no one like it well enough to buy it so it now sits in my office. Their loss is my gain I suppose.

When I first started selling on ebay (and I pretty much don't now) I always said there would be a rose in each of my listings. I used this rose on 95% of the photos. My guess would be that some gals out there were asking if I had an obsession with roses! Well, of course, I DO!! But no matter, that rose showed up in just about every picture.

A "virtual friend" of mine was going to throw out this painting of hers. She had painted it as practice (PRACTICE?!?!) on a board and didn't like it on that board so I said I'd buy it. I really liked it. She said it wasn't worth anything and would give it to me if I paid shipping. Now, does this look like a stupid face to you??!?!?! Nuuuuu, don't answer that!!! So that is how I came to "own" this cute little painting on a wood board.

I've got my eyes on you, little chicks!! :-) I adore rose bowls also and just threw some little pink crystals in the bowl and asked the mommy and baby chicks if they'd guard them for me. They agreed so here they are "guarding the jewels"!!

This bowl is so reminiscent of McKenzie-Childs that I had to have it. Isn't it just as stunning as their highly priced stuff?

A woman in my group made this for me and sent it without me knowing. Can you imagine the thrill and delight of opening this with no idea I was even getting anything, much less this adorable creation?!?!

I tried selling this most lovely barkcloth pillow on ebay but again no takers. So I was lucky enough to keep it for my own home. I really can't imagine no takers on this divine roses pillow, but some people have no taste! :-)

I make these by the handfuls sometimes. Then I just scatter them about in bowls, pin them on curtains and also make pins out of them to wear as corsages on jackets or coats.

A vignette I keep on my kitchen counter above my sink. A beautiful little blue clock with roses, a decoupaged container that I usually keep a tooth brush in to clean my rings but took it out for this picture. Also, a packet of rose scent given to me by a lady I bought something from recently. I tell you that packet has fragranced my dining room. Then I moved it here and it is gloriously scenting my kitchen area. It smells divine and is very powerful.

I also use watercolors when I make paper roses. Oh, I'm not excellent at it but I do give it a try once in a while when I have time. I don't want to go through life and not TRY to do as much as I want to do?? I love making the paper roses and coloring them. I leave my pots of paint out in a discreet area of my kitchen just for my own pleasure and to see the pinks and yellow together - one of my favorite color combinations.

I do hope you enjoyed yourself for a few minutes, sweet cupcakes!! ;-)