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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pretty Home

Today I went visiting teaching to 2 women in our ward. This is one of them and she is a real sweetie with a school teacher hubby and 4 munchkins—2 girls in school and these 2 boys with whom she stays at home to raise.

The other lady didn't want to be photographed but allowed me to photograph her home. I though you all might like to see what a lovely place it is. It's situated out in the country and has a fantastic view sitting up on a knoll overlooking a lake in our area. I live about 12 miles away but near that lake. This view is approaching her home in a very large cul-de-sac.

Her family room is in the back of the house just over a counter top from the kitchen.

The kitchen is a dream kitchen of course, but you'd have to want to cook to have it. I don't!

Pantry door is on the right side of this room. It's truly everything most people would want in a kitchen.

This is the formal dining room on the left just as you enter the front door.

Her daughter and two grandchildren just moved back in with her so it's a bit crowded and some adjustments have been made to accommodate the 3 extra people so her small formal living room has a danish sofa bed in it at the moment. The bed is called a "click-clack" because it makes that sound when you pick up the bottom to make it go all the way down into a bed. Not something you'd want to sleep on for a long time but for company for a few days it works fine. Most of the antiques in her house are truly antiques from Denmark where she is from. Most of the paintings are done by her family and very old.

The master bedroom is large but not overly so. It accommodates these two love seats and her bed, chair, 2 night stands and large chest of drawers rather well. I wish my bedroom was as large.

This is the master bathroom and it's absolutely huge. Probably her whole bathroom is about 1/3 the size of my whole house. You would not bump into your hubby at all in this space. The toilet is in a separate room and the walk-in closet is also very large.

The shower is a walk-in with no doors or curtains. The floor is soapstone. Very, very large. It would fit 2 people easily.

The tub sits in the center of the room as you can see.

She wanted me to show you this beautiful hanging in her front entry way. It is really beautiful.

From this angle just off her kitchen you can see the dining room, the front entry and her home office just to the left in the photo through those french doors. It's small but certainly works for her. It's beautiful inside but at the moment has a baby's crib in there for her granddaughter.

A large bird cage she has in her entry. On the other side is a bench.

This view lets you see into the kitchen on the left and the formal living room on the right.
I thought you'd love seeing it and hope you enjoyed the tour.