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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flea Market Lamp Redo


Got this little lampshade for a song, my little cupcakes! Whadda ya think??? I may sell the lampshade and I just may keep it. It casts a very romantic glow with the light on!

On Decorating.....................

I stayed up late last night trying to decide which curtains and arrangement I liked best for this window. I tried 2 or 3 different ways of adding a freshness to it. The first picture was last night with the fragonard and the Waverly Tiny Toile and the sheer voile with the lace panels in the center drawn up with my handmade ribbon roses. I wanted the sheers for 2 reasons - privacy and softness. Lace and sheers provide an element of privacy while still allowing light and views to come through. I like that. I need that! If you've seen my home on Flickr by clicking on the little icon to the right here and at the top of the page you can see the old curtains I made several years ago. I love those curtains but I wanted something fresh, lighter and different. The fragonard fabric was my choice because it is at the top of the list of favorite fabrics.

I've ordered some more fragonard fabric because I think it looks a tad "skimpy" and I like "lushness" in most things for my home. It is very difficult for amateur photographers to get the beauty of the room and fabrics. (Let me say here that I have the greatest respect for stylists of those photo shoots also. Arranging it for magazines can NOT be easy, my chickadees!) On just about any photo I've taken I can look at it later and say "why didn't I remove this or that" or "how did that get in the picture"?! Something is always wrong but it's just for blogging so I don't fret about it.

Anyway, when seen in photographs we sometimes don't see the fabrics closely and might say to ourselves I don't think that goes at all. Soooo in that vein I'm showing you that the fabrics do indeed "go" together when seen as a whole. They do in my eye and that's the person I'm trying to please. Keep that in mind when you are decorating - you have only one person to please: yourself.

As I was composing this post I thought about that sofa and how old it was. I purchased it just before I was hosting a baby shower for a friend. The "baby" is now 13! So the sofa is 13 years old and looks like it came off the showroom floor yesterday. That's what happens when you buy from a good company - Ethan Allen - and when you buy "timeless" furniture. I absolutely love that sofa and the fabric I chose. You can see the closeup in the very last photo. Plus I take excellent care of my home, furnishings and Love Bunny!

Last night.

This morning!

Closeup of chair fabric. It's like a vintage kilim and I love it with it's mustard yellow, sage green, lavender (yes, there is lavender in there!) and pink.

This chair is only 3 years old but I love the look and the checks on the side with the floral on the front. It's a dark red but soooo beautiful in person.

I thought you like to see the true brightness of the pink of this fabric. It is an absolutely gorgeous fabric and does indeed add a freshness to that room. Oooooh, I wish all our you could come and visit and experience this room. Well, I like it anyway!

I chose this fabric myself when ordering the sofa. I knew it would last, was a taupe and would go with just about anything I'd put with it and looked elegant but not so much that I couldn't dress it down. Plus it looks like embroidery.

Now I'm off to iron shirts for hubby and kick around a few more ideas. I'm up to my eyeballs in sheer voile though and can't wait to put it out on the back patio!! Plus tomorrow I'll show you the new window treatment in our bedroom.