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Saturday, June 12, 2010

And We Spoke of Things to Come...Pink Saturday 6/12/10

It's Pink Saturday once again and a summer thank you to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for hosting this when she could be on vacation. ;-)

This past week I visited 3 new chicks I hadn't been to before: Jingle at itistimetothinkformyself and The Paint Splash and Rebecca at BellaMaison.

Soon...very soon!

And the eyelashes are almost back to normal! I took this picture 6/9/2010 and the lashes suffered a little bit from all the mistreatment recently with the glue-ons and the eyelash extensions, but recovering and filling in quite nicely. While this is not a great shot I'm—again—shameless in showing it to you. ;-) Holy moly, I look like Ms. Pelosi! I'm going to stick to my original eyelashes from now on, chicks!