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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Saturday 10/16/2010 and Kitchen Cabinet Redo

Happy pink saturday! Please click on the logo below for Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and see the other participants.

I'm still alive and still doing massive amounts—for me anyway—of physical therapy each day and also having to take ibuprofen. I truly don't want to get hooked on pain killers and ibuprofen does help with the pain. I met a woman in PT who had this problem and she said it took her 8 months! I can't/won't be away from blogging for 8 months so we'll see how it works out.

I am still skimming through the blogs a few minutes each day but I simply can't sit here long enough to comment, so please, please forgive me.

Hubby and I received free movie tickets a couple of months ago for my birthday and couldn't find any clean PG movies to go see until I heard about Secretariat. We saw it today and if you haven't seen it, run to your local theater and see it. It was one of the most wonderful movies we've seen. Kids will enjoy this too. We loved it! Just like a movie should be. Great, great movie.

I finally finished with the kitchen cabinet I bought a couple of months ago since it was easier for me to stand than sit with the ham string and groin muscles pulled. I am very happy with it. Love Bunny, however, thinks I'm nuts taking a perfectly good oak cabinet, painting it and then sanding the heck out of it so it will look vintage, distressed and romantic!

This is what I purchased at Home Depot originally.

This is what I've been doing to it for several days. This is the door.

The cabinet.

The side panels.


With all the decals I already have, I was wondering which one to use on it. That was a big decision. I loved this one but it was a bit small for such a large door.

The only brush to use as far as I'm concerned. This was a fantastic brush. If you use a cheap brush, you are wasting your time. It was well worth the money I paid. It made a world of difference in applying Zinssers primer.

When I tell you all something that can make a huge difference in what the outcome will be, I like to give you the reason why it is so. The man at Home Depot explained it to me this way in its simplest form. One, it is made in the USA and that makes a difference to me most times. Two, it's put together much better for that reason alone. Three, the bristles are frayed—as you can see by the closeup photo and that makes the stroke much, much smoother. A friend of ours painted houses while putting himself through college and said he's got the same brush he used 30 years ago and continues to use it to this day and it's a Purdy. That's how good they are. It is definitely worth the few dollars extra you would pay. And I didn't even get the highest priced one for which I paid under $20.00

More distressing outside when the weather turned nice.

The left side will be where it opens, hinged on the right. I scruffed it up a bit more there where wear and tear would naturally occur.

The decal I finally decided I liked best for the kitchen cabinet.

The finished door. I do have a white ceramic knob with a rose decal on it that hubby will have to put on it when we decide to hang it, which should be in the next few days.

This is the knob I'll be putting on it.

This was put up early this morning. Things were changed around on the kitchen walls though.

The white cabinet after I painted it and shabbied it up to look vintage.
Side view and a little bit of the shelf we changed to that area.

I had to find 2 places for 2 shelves that were there the cabinet is now.

Close up of the view when I'm at the sink now. I love looking at roses and these two arrangements do the trick for me.

The other one went on the other side of the kitchen near the patio door on the left. These may not stay decorated exactly like this, only time will tell.