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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Thoughts and Embellishing T-Shirts for Pink Saturday 4/24/10

Happy pink saturday and thanks to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for hosting this. I visited with Jennifer at Peacornpopnutssodagumandchewingwater for the first time last week. Now that's a mouthful, but she has a darling blog. Full of beautiful flowers for spring. Go visit her, chicks. Also, I met Olivia, one of my most favorite names, and her blog is Shabbychictreasures. I must say she is delightful. Cute blog and some darling ideas and has a red kitchen. Squeeeeeal! She's a shabby chic fan just like most of us.

I never know what direction my blog will go until I sit down to blog. Sometimes it's decorating this house, sometimes it's camping—squeeeeeealing with fright when hubs mentions he wants to go caaaaaamping and get me away from my iMac computer, sometimes it's a trip to visit our kids or grandkids, sometimes it's a dinner for Love Bunny, sometimes it's a story about decorating the Christmas tree (see it in the sidebar and drool) sometimes it's a visit to our local nursery or an antiques store, sometimes it's about crafting in the studio and making anything I have a mind to that day, sometimes it's a conversation with Love Bunny and his wit, sometimes it's my lack of wanting to be fashionable(!) and sometimes it's just random thoughts and musings out of this old head. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy your visit here. Ya just never know, chicks, what I'll talk about. But look forward to my hat/cattle/cow tipping post coming up soon.

We've discussed this before: I am NOT a fashionista or diva anymore. About 20 years ago, before we moved here from California, I'd spend about $8,000 a year on clothes. I worked in an office. I don't now. I stay home. I love it. I look like a bumpkin pretty much most of the time. But I figure I'm clothed and modest, which is a big deal with me. I don't flaunt anything. I dress properly for church but don't bother with designer clothes anymore. I have boxes and boxes of clothing up in my garage attic, mainly because they're a size 10; I'm not a size 10 anymore. But we won't go into that.

I do like t-shirts because I wear special garments because of my religion. I don't wear sleeveless things unless I have a shirt or jacket over it at all times. But I get tired of the same t-shirts and blouses so I've decided to embellish these old ones. I mean there are only so many colors we can buy, right? Plus, after looking at the price tags on little t-shirts at Macys today, I figure I can make them cute myself and pass up the outrageous prices. But I do love embellishing inexpensive t-shirts. I cannot tell you how old these 2 below are. Very! I'm changing them. The lavender one actually looks cuter than the photo because the tiny ribbon flowers I made look askew but they are on perfectly straight, I can assure you.

I ruched a ribbon and attached it to this really old t-shirt.

And recently I ordered 3 dresses because I'm tired of wearing the same ones to church. I don't buy many clothes. Didn't you listen?! ;-) But they are relatively plain so I thought I'd make some embellishments ahead for when I receive them next week. I gathered some ribbon, made a custom button and put it on. I think it'll look sweet on one of the dresses. This shirt is bright red and it kind of drowns out the color of the flower so see below for another photo.

Not sure yet which dress this will go on, but maybe the purple one. I love those colors together. But this pin is interchangeable so doesn't matter too much. I'll find a place for it!

I've never made fabric yoyos before and this is my first. I need more practice but my fingers are so dry they are hurting me from doing all those paper roses and handling all this fabric. Sigh...

I know just the place for this one because one of the dresses is turquoise and this should look great on it.

A better photo of this pin than on the red shirt.

This little ragged pin took me about 10 minutes to make. Quick and easy.

So there you have it, my sweet little chicks. Several ways to embellish your t-shirts or blouses without the high cost of buying at expensive stores plus they will definitely not be seen all over the place so you'll be unique...just as you truly are. ;-)

But I'm going to make you work for this one. If you can't figure out how to make them, you're going to have to ask me. I just want to know if someone actually reads what I say. *Sigh*...... :-)


Sally Hansen hair removal glue strips do not work. Hairs have to be 1/4" long to work and I'm not letting my chin/lip hair get that long.
I haven't yet eaten enough pastries to be willing to trade this world for one in which the existence of sugar is not guaranteed by theologians.
I like rain. I like whatever weather God chooses to throw at the world—storm, hail, wind, cold, heat—because the variety and extremes of creation are what make it so beautiful. We had a thunder and rain storm tonight and hubs, and I went out on the porch to drink in the adventure of it.
Real estate ads will sometimes say "wild life" in the area they are promoting. Does that include skunks? I don't think I'd want to live with them.
There's a commercial on the radio for men's prostate problems. Hubs and I get a kick out of it. It asks if you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He mentioned to me that he sure hopes he does because he wouldn't want to pee in the bed. He's such a card, that man!
When the health clubs start selling Twinkies and chocolate cupcakes filled with white gooey stuff inside, I'll join. Not until then, I can assure you.