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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunch with the Chicks at Cafe de Coco

Several weeks ago a group of us chicks went out for a lunch. We never know how many of us will be attending; it's just who shows up, shows up and we have a splendid time. It started with the older gals but we expanded it to include anyone who wants to come. We go to several restaurants in the area choosing a different one each time while trying to find new and interesting places. Enter: Cafe de Coco.

It's a very small restaurant in the downtown part of our city but not just a restaurant. They have a "boutique" of some unique items and antiques they sell. It's really quite cute inside and they have divine sandwiches and salads and DESSERTS! I abstained of course.......

Lots of goodies and pretties for sale in here.

Five different little dining areas.

The girls that participated that day. Lorene in front with long dark hair. Joann with her back to the camera. Darlene on the left with back to the wall. Stacey looking down - probably at HER camera. She's a budding photographer!

Darling little aprons! And we all know how I feel about aprons. Squeeeeeeeeal....

I would love to have that candelabra on the top of that cabinet but couldn't see the price, which makes Love Bunny verrrrry happy.

Lovely cosmetics, creams, soaps and lotions.

Little totes for sale in exotic prints.

Sweet lamp and lampshade by our table. Most of the lighting was lamps by or near the table but there was a skylight in the entry/shop area. This is a small restaurant and shop.
More coming up in a few days.