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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trip and A New Great Granddaughter

Yes, I have been absent for a long while, but I needed that break. Dealing with this lung disease can turn priorities around very quickly. I don't, and I mean don't, let it get me down. I pick up my sorry behind and make hubby treat me to a nice dinner or shopping or I get a date with friends who love me and go to a restaurant for a 4 hour "therapy" session.

Plus my granddaughter gave us our third great grand daughter and she is precious. Introducing Miss Lorelai. Her daddy liked the "a" better than the "e" for her name. We were going over for her birth at the end of October but she came a couple of weeks early. Very unusual for our granddaughter, but lucky for us we were there as she pulled something in her right leg/hip and was on crutches for a couple of days. The men took over with everything while we just held her and kissed her. She is a very good baby. Plus while there I started passing a kidney stone (my 15th one) and had to be taken to ER. They gave me pain killers for the "short" haul and said it way was too big to pass. So my gorgeous and sweet granddaughter took a whole morning calling around to get me an appointment with a urologist. We finally got a quick appointment (2 days later but I lived on pain killers so was fine) with one in downtown Seattle. I really wanted to go home but going back to Idaho through a desert with not much in the way of hospitals wasn't something I relished experiencing. So I just loaded up on pain killers and hubby drove the whole eight hours with me in a stupor. I wanted my comfort zone. Badly! We made it home and a few days later (today) my urologist zapped them for me and I'm now up at 3:30 AM because I've slept so much at the hospital today. I love pain killers!!!!

A gorgeous red dining room.

I don't know where this is but it's ambiance is outstanding. Looks very French to me.

I love it but it is way too big for me. And painting it? Nah, I prefer lower ceilings. But it is stunning.

Definitely my kind of room. Very English and I love English decorating.

This is very "ME". There is nothing about this room I wouldn't have in my home.

An enticing vignette.

Beautiful white room with a gorgeous chandelier.

I love decorated and decorating bottles. Even the most unglamorous bottle can be made beautiful with a few baubles.

A pair of antique lamps made beautiful with stunning lampshades some one has froufrou-ed up.

Another clever vignette made from simple ordinary things.

What an adorable spot in a kitchen! I love this kind of thing also.

Another stunning bedroom. The carpet drew my eye first. I'm sure it's custom made. Even the furniture looks custom made, but clever shopping can make the statement for a much lower price.

Isn't this adorable. I suspect this is somewhere in a Scandinavian country.

Another cute cabinet made special with the talent of a wise homeowner.

I love that table covering and would do it but it would take much more fabric than I care to deal with all at one time. Beautiful though!