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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laundry Rooms 4

I read recently about New York hospitals locking up the baby formula from new moms. What?! Both of my kids were raised on baby formula as I couldn't breast feed. What a crazy world it's turning into.

I got an email from a blogger recently about the quote I had at the bottom of one of my blog posts asking if it was my quote or someone else's. I told her I paraphrased it somewhat but that is truly how I live my life: By creating beauty and order where you live and work, you will be controlling the private hours of your life. It is what I believe, how I live my life and my philosophy about life. Yes, I certainly do live my life beautifully and wish others would do the same. I cannot control some of my thoughts but I can control how long they stay in my head. I can definitely control how I live in my home and how I think about living.

Whatever happened to watermelon plugs? I know some of you will remember them. When we would go to a grocery store or buy a watermelon at a roadside stand, the seller would cut a triangular plug into it so we could taste it. Not anymore. Ya take yer chances now. I always wondered what they did with those melons we didn't select to buy.

We eat at Jack In The Box every Monday night. It's our salad night there. When we walk in they know exactly what to make. But recently we walked in and had to tell them we were having their Bonus Jacks at two for a dollar. Threw them all off! Funny to watch them. So the next week they looked up and asked if it was back to the usual—salads. It's pretty bad when the local JITB knows us so well they don't normally have to ask what we want.

Hubs had to help with a funeral today. Setting up chairs and tables for the bereaved family to have a luncheon. It reminded me of some of the catch phrases to friends who've lost family members. The polite response should be: I'm sorry for your loss. You should never say Bummer; at least he's out of his misery; or I had a brother-in-law that had the same disease. Show some class, people.

Small, elegant and red!

Love everything about this laundry. Containers, folding table, high stool to sit while folding clothes, enough storage space and trinkets to make it lovely and homey.

This vintage ironing board is so cute with its flowered cover.

Drying rack for towers and socks. Small wire basket to hold dry clothes.

Something simple like old clothes pins in a wire basket along with linen fabrics to cheer up a small space.

Got everything in a very small space here needed for wash day.

Cute storage area for sewing and washing. Lots of cabinets and light.

I like this one a lot.

And it does sparkle! Chandelier, gorgeous blue color and tiles reminiscent of french decor.

This one kind of reminds me of being in the garden with the green color and lattice doors on the upper cabinets.

Small closet just big enough for this homeowner's laundry room. NO wasted space for her.

Another laundry reminiscent of a garden with flowers, pretty paint the color of outdoors, pretty arches in the doorways and flowers on the bench and countertop.

I would love something like this. I need extra folding space other than the top of the washer and dryer. I could probably put a table top on let on the other side of my laundry room.

Eye candy for the laundry room.

Pretty fabrics stuffed into cigar boxes. Not a laundry item but I thought you'd like it.
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