My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Glasses & Vases Decorated with White Paint and Roses

I pin images on Pinterest a lot, actually every single morning. If you'd like to see more images I post on here and more, then go to my Pinterest and get addicted! There are over 14,000 pins there from all over the internet, only gorgeous images as you'll see. There are well over 25,400 followers so you have to know they are lovely images to view and pin. People have emailed me and said they've gotten so much inspiration from the images there. Just want you to see all the beauty there is in the world instead of all the negativeness being sprouted from the world. I truly mean what my saying is under my logo at the top of the page: My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

I see a lot of things I'd like to do to our home but I'd truly rather read a book. However, I did finish one thing I've been wanting to do. A vignette of white glassware. I saw it on a blog or pinterest. I just can't remember where now. But I wanted something similar and since I have a plethora of old glasses, vases and such, I decided to finally get with it. I like the way they turned out. I had most of these sitting around the house but had to go to Goodwill and get a few more and it was only $4.25 for the lot. The photos below aren't exceptional but you get the idea. BUT I did you all a favor in that if you click on the photos you'll see an enlarged photo of the same pictures. I don't do this except in rare cases and this is one of them. I love big pictures but the blog isn't conducive to it and it takes a LOT more work to show them bigger. So enjoy looking at them. Just click and they'll be 1000 pixels wide instead of my usual 700 for the personal photos I display on here.

I painted them white 3 or 4 times depending on the item. I then scruffed them up a bit with sandpaper to give them an old look. The large vase in the back center is plastic and it was the easiest one to accept the paint. All others are glass.

A wider look at the room actually.

I found pink ribbons, drop cloth, laces, netting and different kinds of small roses to add to each one.  These might change a tiny bit. I thought I had some raffia but I can't find it and I really wanted some on these.

I'm a devotee of putting things under living room tables, always have and don't see that changing any time in the future. Here I just took the vintage drawer filled with gorgeous faux peonies from the top to just under the bottom of the table. There are also boxes under there with things I might need in a hurry. That rose covered box on the right contains my Dyno label maker. Don't have to sift through cabinets trying to find it when I want to label something.

As always, this north facing house has terrible lighting so this is as good as I can get it unless the sun is straight up and the solar tubes catch it.

Just another view of the living room with light and shadows playing across the room from the solar tubes.

I think this is cute for a French-style decor.

This is very similar to my bed cover. I love white and always will. I'm thinking of a long white pillow across the bottom. I'd make it, of course. I have so many pillows in my craft room I'll never have to buy any more. Some I made, some were given to me and some I bought. All kinds, even down pillows.

A cute red and white dining room and kitchen.

A cute setting for a table. I always look around for things I already have and decorate them differently for the different times of my life. Sometimes I want simply and sometimes, I want flashy and bling. Just never know.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an entrance like this one? I think it's gorgeous.

This looks like it could be a craft room and a potting area also. Lucky is the woman who has this home though.

How nice to have this sewing and craft area kind of sectioned off from the rest of the home with that little porch railing. Looks antique also.

I like that sofa and that table. The aqua of the wall is gorgeous also.

There are some things that make me smile and giggle. This is one of those things. Pink in the garden!
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