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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feathers in my Food!

It all started with wanting different shades for my dining room chandelier. I saw 2 styles that really mesmerized me.

This one:

and this one:

One has pink roses all around the bottom of the shades and the other one has a pretty ribbon on it.  I had some pretty paper roses but not enough to go all the way around 5 shades, plus they were a bit big for the tiny shades. I especially loved the shapes of the 2 above. I couldn't find the exact shades—at a cost that wouldn't hurt my bank account. But all I could find at our Lowes and Home Depot were the usual ones, nothing fancy, just a sort of flare at the bottom. So I let everything sit for a while until I felt inspiration since I had bought 5 of them and painted them pink. After painting them, I realized they would not cast much light so it was back to Lowes for 5 more shades. Those were left unpainted. Then after about three weeks, it hit me—feathers. I had bought 3 feather boas a few months ago, just in case I'd need them at some point. I also had a pretty trim but only enough for one, so I was off to hunt for more of that particular trim. I finally found it after much looking at Joanns. I mean I really looked hard for about 20 minutes through all their trim and was just about to give up when on a bottom shelf I saw it. There were only 3 yards of it left and I bought it all! I put the jeweled trim around the top part and feathers on the bottom and then I put 3 little paper roses along the top, Then I finished it with a pink bow. While I love the shade with the sassy ribbon and how the ribbon goes around it, without that straight-sided shade, doing it the way it is in the photo just wouldn't work, so I had to improvise. Plus, I loved that ribbon but couldn't find it anywhere.

All of MY photos can be clicked to enlarge, not the ones starting with the stone cottage. Y'all KNOW how I hate small photos!

This is the jeweled trim.

Yep, I used a pink ribbon and trust me, it wasn't easy getting them to come out right. I had to make 3 of them before I got the dimensions correct.

They add a whole new look to the dining chandelier.

And I love them.

See how the light comes through now. With the pink-painted ones it was much darker.

Love the look now. When Love Bunny came home and I showed him the chandelier—he'd never notice on his own, trust me—the only response was, 'Oh, great, feathers in my food.' I assured him I shook them out 3 times and vacuumed up all the feathers to put that risk at minimum. You should see my Dyson vacuum cleaner!

A little stone cottage by the sea.

A little country stone cottage with tiled roof. They've set the table outside for dining.

Another cute way to display craft items.

I love how this homeowner made a magazine holder out of a beautiful old bucket next to her chair.

Some old beach chairs decorated in the french fashion with those pillows.

I'm truly thinking of some way I could copy and incorporate this into my kitchen. Only problem is I have cathedral ceilings in there, but I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin'!

And a scrumptious periwinkle blue living room. I think the whole room is gorgeous.
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