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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Favorite Room and Rooms

Just another reminder to visit my pinterest page once again. Currently there are almost 13,000 photos on there and all are quite beautiful. Join the 10,062 followers and look and drool. As I've said, I'll never get them all on this blog and I'd love for you to see them.

This is my favorite room of all time. I've loved, loved, LOVED this room from the first moment I saw it. Just cozy and colorful enough for me. It was in the very first catalog given to me the first time I went into Ethan Allen about 20 years ago. I still have that catalog and now purchase just about all our furniture from EA. But I've put several rooms that I love on here and I'll do another post on more of them soon. So just sit back and relax.

The color pink will always draw me in, but this room arrangement, columns and the view from the french doors are a draw for me also.

I'm dazzled by what this homeowner did with the windows. How cute can it get?! This room overlooks an orchard so it's definitely appropriate.

While the colors are a bit muted for my taste, I love the stone wall with fireplace and the coziness of it all. A very inviting room in which to sit, read and relax.

I'm going to guess this is an English home and it is adorable. I love the colors of the room, the leather chair—a prerequisite for coziness in my book, and the tidiness of such a small room.

Chairs are a fascination of mine also in decorating. I love the one on the bottom right. The sofa is one I'd have in my home also. All-in-all a beautiful room with pink touches, stone walls, beautiful doors and windows and, again, coziness.

Another English country room, even if it isn't in England. Warm. Inviting. Cozy.

While a bit grand for my taste and budget, it's a totally gorgeous room. I love rooms with books in them since I'm such an avid reader. Actually, I read paperbacks and then go to the used book store and turn them in and get a discount on my next stash of books. It's rare that I'd only buy a few at a time. I usually get 15 or more at a time to keep me supplied. I freak out when I'm down to my last 2 books and have to go to the book store to replenish. My decorating books are kept in bookcases in my living room and office/computer room.

A bit prissy in the drape department but still a gorgeous room. I love the double-sided sofa in the room. Lots of chairs for conversations also. I really do like this room. I just couldn't afford it. BTW, those old steam radiators are the most efficient and even-heating ever. We had steam radiator heating in our last HUGE house and it was the best heat in the world. It was even throughout the house. There were radiators along the baseboards and not those seen under the window below, but I'd have the one below in any room in a heartbeat. They are great. No blowing air on you, just heat.

I'd love to have a room big enough for 2 or 3 sofas like this. Everyone could stretch out just fine this way and I think it's cheaper than a lot of chairs around. At any rate, I do love this room and especially the chandelier. Again, beyond my budget. ;-)

This is relatively close to the first photo on here and I love this one almost as much. I think it's the pink sofa. But I find it stunning and, again, cozy.

Yes, it's a grand room but I love it. Scale down those windows and ceiling height and it could be more affordable.

This one is just an average room but decorated stunningly for comfort, livability and coziness. The colors appeal to me also.

While it looks unattainable for most people, this room could definitely be scaled down to be affordable for most homeowners. It's the details that make this a gorgeous, rich-looking room: the coffered ceilings, the murals on the wall. Other than that it is elegant, beautiful AND affordable for some.

This room is one of the few modern rooms I like. It exudes comfort and coziness. A great view helps also.
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