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Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting Ready for the Future

Hubby and I have discussed it and decided we needed to make some changes around the house and about our current lifestyle. For one thing we need more storage for food and essentials. This came about after our trip to the grocery store and gas station last week and this week. We're astounded how much prices are climbing. Since we subscribe to some financial newsletters, we believe it's not going to end anytime soon. So, taking the advice our church has espoused for many, many years, we're upping storage on essentials items.

Now, I've been on a trend to spend less and that's truly not been hard for me. I'm spending nothing on frivolous things at all. Okay, the Italian lessons were a splurge but that's it. Our focus is on staying healthy and being able to help others if the need arises. Plus we've learned that in our neighborhood there have been some home invasions (and we live in a nice neighborhood) and that's scary for me. If you don't believe me, just look around at what's happening in the world today. Nooooo, I am not pessimistic (in fact, I'm very optimistic about the future); I'm just being realistic.

Gina Cooper's blog CatNapInnPrimitives will also be showing her fantastic stash of food and emergency supplies. Go see what she's done!

So I spent part of today loading hundreds of yards of fabric into boxes for storage in our garage attic. We cleared off one shelf at a time and put the fabric in the hallway. Then we took the food from a closet and put it on the shelves that previously had held fabric. My craft and sewing room is a luxury, food is not. It's essential. We have a ways to go but here's how it looks so far.

Perishable food goes inside. Paper items, soap, detergent, dehydrated foods and cleaning supplies go in the garage. Water is stored in garage also. A friend went to the cannery today and bought two 25#lbs. of hot cocoa. Each one two months ago was 23.10 but today she paid 33.50 for each. That's a 45% increase in just 2 months. I'm telling you that you need to get more food for your family because it is going sky high and be unavailable in some places soon probably.

This isn't even all of it. We had more spread around the house and in our pantry,

Several more shelves to go.