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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Images For You #4 for Pink Saturday

Happy pink saturday. Be sure and visit with Beverly at HowSweetTheSound for the other participants.

I saw this done on another blog and can't remember for the life of me who it was, but I thought about it and how easy it was to do. So here is my new tassel. This will be a giveaway. ;-) So keep watching for the giveaway in the near future!

I thought I'd share these gorgeous images with you. A friend recently gifted me with a book from my favorite artist. I was stunned when I opened the package! I am so blessed by the women in my eBay group who are in my life.

Now, you can print the paper out for scrapbooking but you'll have to adjust your printer for the images. You can tell I'm busy or frazzled when I do a post with images to share. ;-)

These three can be filled with photos in the center.

This is another photo from her book.