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Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeing Red!

I'm going to take a break for a few days so I'll leave you with these posts. I say that, but can I really stay away for a few days? We'll see.

But don't forget that I'm having a Cottage Charm Giveaway, which you'll see on my sidebar and also on my 5/1 blog post. You just may want to go there and leave a comment to win some of these gorgeous faux roses. Your choice. ;-)

Let's talk a different color for a while. While I love pink, and it's my favorite color, I'm also very partial to red. Can anyone resist an old red barn-type house? I doubt I could.

Or this darling little shed with roses growing around it? Ooooooh, squeeeeeeal!!

A whole village of red.

I found this little painting of a red craftsman-style house fetching. Reminds me of some of the houses in Berkeley, California.

This is a house somewhere in Europe. Looks a bit Norwegian to me.
One of my favorite living room settings.

Sorry these are so small but I didn't take the pictures. But I just love what these people did with their old water pump on their back patio. They painted it PINK!