My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Card for My Toe & Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Mail lady did it again - much to my surprise!! I got a package from my secret pal with all this stuff in it: a wonderful wall hanging, a hand painted CD keeper, a tiny little pitcher(!), a card, a notepad and a little rose pillow!!! I just kept pulling things out of the box. I'm so amazed by it all. How amazing is my secret pal?!?!?! Wow, just look at it.

Then my foot received a card from Miss Katie, the Hun, whose hubby is off fighting the California fires while she is home fighting off a cold/allergy from the smoke of those fires.  ;-) She hopes I take a "step" in the right direction and am feeling "toe-tally" better! Hah, this from the goat lady!!! Love her to pieces. Ooooooh, and my foot thanks her also!