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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Saga of the New Chandelier

Men.......gotta love 'em!! Several weeks ago I told hubby I wanted a crystal chandelier. He said our home wasn't the type for a crystal chandelier. I said I'm shabby chic-ing it up. He still has not grasped that concept regardless of the fact that I have 3 Rachel Ashwell books in our book cases! Now, we know WHO was going to win this argume........ummm discussion, right?!?! Sigh.......... I even opened one of her books and showed him the concept: crystal chandelier, slipcovered chairs and sofa, chipped table. Well, not one to be deterred, I purchased said chandelier. It arrived and I unpacked it (hey, I gotta do something around here) and laid it out carefully. He is not an idle person. He couldn't be with all the honey-do things I have for him and he is even building himself a train room in our 3rd garage to run his model trains. He put it together and hung it from our cathedral ceiling over dining table. I said I thought it needed to be lower. Now, this chandelier had already precipitated a trip to Home Depot, so making it lower required yet another trip to Home Depot. He went, but refused to lower it until Tuesday afternoon. Late last night he looked at it and said, "I think that chandelier looks really pretty. But I think it really needs to be lower." After I picked myself up off the floor, I went over and pretended to smack his little cheeks! He loves it! Shabby chic and men - gotta love 'em. Oh, and now he wants to redo our oak dining table. Reason: it's starting to look a bit shabby!! His exact words. Will he ever learn?!?! Heavy sigh..............