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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The English Language

Okay, grammar check again. You know by now how OCD I am about the use of our language today by younger people—and some older people also. Just a tip for success to log into your brain if you can remember this. Lots of blogs or even news stories written by professionals today are saying this: "him/her and me"  like to hang out together. That's atrocious language and shows your ignorance. It's "he/she and I" like to hang out together, not him and me. And always put the pronouns he or she before I. Teach this to others as the word needs to get around. And don't let them tell you that's the way everybody talks! Ask them if they want to remain ignorant all their lives and have themselves defined by how incorrectly they speak. And why don't our teachers correct them in class? A small fraction of time being embarrassed with save them a lifetime of embarrassment and possibly success in their future endeavors.

Why oh why do men, and now some women, turn their ball caps around and wear them backwards? The visor was invented to keep the sun out of your eyes and to tip your hat to ladies. Have you ever seen a league ball player wear it backwards? No, they know what a cap is for. My hubby always takes it off indoors at restaurants and even when going up to the church to do some catching up on the computer, not especially in stores.

Things I've seen around the blogs lately:

Boo Hoo Whore embroidery? What the heck is that embroidered on a pillow?

Dream all you want, there are no unicorns or fairies. I'm a bit sick of seeing posts of people idolizing species that do NOT exist, especially when the fairies are pretty much naked. ;-)

Bloggers who talk about intimate, private things on their blogs. Keep it to yourself! It's disgusting and lurid to those of us who wince when we first see it. Private means not discussing it with others. Get it?

A beautiful small cottage with the lush grounds we associate with cottages.

Purple is one of my favorite colors. It's a great accent for pink and I do have some in my living room.

Is that a fan in the garden? I've never thought of bringing a fan outside but it's a great idea.

An amusing little vignette.

Jewels on pillows? Oh, yes! Beautiful.

I adore this kitchen even though I'd want something a little newer.

My favorite color of blue for clothes.

Now we're talkin' when I saw this kitchen. Beautiful!

Pink oreos? Why not? Loving pink like I do, I'd buy them if they still tasted like chocolate. ;-)

Lovin' this red kitchen. Pink and red and yellow would be my dream kitchen.

Yeah, yeah, here's hoping our clematis will look like this someday.

Beautiful for seashore or beach decor.

Now we're talking beauty!! Love this pink in the kitchen.

Perfect weathered old bench in a park.

Never enough roses in a house in my opinion, even if on a cake. ;-)


When Orson Welles won the Best Screenplay Oscar for his classic Citizen Kane in 1941, it wasn't a popular choice. The audience booed.

Potential Oscar winners were told to keep acceptance speeches to 45 seconds after Greer Garson's 1942 speech clocked in at five minutes and 30 seconds.

In 1979 Oscar-wining actress Shirley MacLaine used the podium to cheer up her sibling Warren Beatty, who lost out for Heaven Can Wait. "I want to use this opportunity to say how proud I am of my little brother. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you tried celibacy?" He was not amused.