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Monday, March 11, 2013

Helping Other People

I read today in the news that a person was arrested for shoveling a neighbor's driveway snow. I'm going to have to limit Love Bunny's doing this for some of our neighbors with his snow blower. I don't want him to get arrested! For heaven's sake, what is happening that we can't do service for our neighbors?

A couple of weeks ago a widow in our ward was without water for 3 days before she let anyone know. One of the men from the ward went over to see if he could help, but he couldn't see anything wrong with her water heater, so several other men went over and tried to help for a couple of days. So far the only thing they could think of was her pipes. One of the men went under her house and put on a device that warms up the pipe where he thought it was frozen. So then hubs took over some water in our Igloos so she'd have some water to drink and wash up. Then the next day she called hubs telling him her yard was flooding with water. (She's out of city limits and has a well.) Now, we have had a great deal of snow and temperatures have been below zero at night and only in the teens during the day. A pipe underground broke and hubs was going over to dig it up and fix it. Now, hubs is almost 72 and in greater shape than most 40 year old males. But shoveling for almost 6 hours in temperatures in the single digits can definitely be hazardous. Finally it came down to they had to call in a professional to fix her problem. These men were trying to save this elderly widow a great deal of money but in the end it was just not going to work. But in our church Service is a big deal. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God."  We'll never stop helping people if they need it. I'm so lacking in that department but I try my best to do what I can.

He's such a funny man also. He changed his clothes to go over a few days later to take more water to her. I said, "Can't you just take water over in your knock-around-the-house clothes?" Then I remembered she loves cats. I asked, "How many cats does she have now—15?" He quipped, "Oh, that's probably just the porch cats." Sometimes he's a riot!

Isn't this a gorgeous room? I certainly love it. That chair by the ottoman is something I may be looking into also. ;-) Ethan Allen, here I come.

Absolutely darling tiny vintage kitchen. I'm betting it's somewhere in England though.

The pink striped pillows and crochet lace coverlet are divine. How pretty!

I absolutely, positively loooove this color!!!!

I make the best cake with pineapple and coconut. I call it my piƱa colada cake and it's a rave among my friends. Very moist and delicious.

This looks like a place in Boise we viewed when walking the streets of a neighborhood a few years ago.

See how cute you can make your lamps with some handmade folded roses. Lots of pizzazz!

Reminds me of Virginia when hubby and I were first married.

You can't begin to imagine how I should love having this kind of patio. Unfortunately, we live in the dusty desert with lots of open farmer's fields around. Just not feasible for us.

A cute idea for a hubby to make. Looks easy and can store a lot of tapes if you're a crafter.

I also think this is a beautiful room but I think I'd get sick of the trees in the house after awhile.

My great-granddaughter, Caroline, thinks sprinkles are a food group!

Another gorgeous room I love.

Cute idea for crayons. I put mine in a box. I think I'll bring them out and put them in pots according to their hues.

A gorgeous patio, pool on the ocean. I thought you'd like this one!

A study published in an issue of Journal of Urology estimated that 600,000 men in the United States are impotent from injuries to their crotches, about 40% of them from bicycling.