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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Backyard Patio

Love Bunny finished laying the bricks on the side of the patio the other day. It certainly does widen it for the BBQ grill. I told him we don't need one that big for the two of us, and next time we need one, it's going to be smaller. We've never used that side burner! How ridiculous are men and their "toys"? But it was a good deal at $99.00 for it about 5 years ago, and it is still going strong.

The yard is really greening up nicely this year.

And the four little rose bushes by the back fence survived. This is a major thing for me! I hope they spread quickly but I do think we'll need to get some more for back there.

I'm loving this view from the back fence to the patio. No, it isn't a very big yard and for those of you who say you want a big yard, big patio or deck, just wait until you get older—maybe late 60s or 70s—and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you change your mind. We did.

This honeysuckle bush is thriving beautifully. I love how it dresses up the storage shed.

A branch on our apple tree. I found my dehydrator up in the garage attic so now I can dry them for our granddaughter.

If this clematis survives, it'll be a miracle. We've gone through 8 of them and this is the only one that is surviving so far. It's pathetic but it keep struggling along, kind of like some of us.

Hubby's little peach pit he planted is surviving also. You can see the stick in the middle of this side yard. That's it! The stick is holding it up. See it right across from the air conditioner mid-way.

My quaking aspen trees. I love those trees because they truly look like they're quaking. They shake and shimmer and are just kind of sassy.

Made these two roses the other night. I did these a bit differently. I didn't roll them but folded them over and kept going around and gluing with my hot glue gun. Imagine that!

I like the way they turned out. More stuff to add to t-shirts or maybe even sell. Who knows? ;-)