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Monday, December 1, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #15

I was telling Love Bunny last night that if I ever mention doing a series of posts with 335 photos again that he can just shoot me right then and there!! But I had to share this special place. However, I doubt very seriously that I'll do something for posting with this many photos again. It's taken an enormous amount of time to take them, edit them, decide which ones were worthy of showing, uploading them, writing text for most of them and then scheduling them all for future dates. This has to tell you how much I love blogging, chicks! It is another "passion" of mine.

An aside here:
My blog will always be a happy place - a place where it is safe to come and read, not much controversy as I see it, no ill feelings towards anyone, just a relaxing, calm, serene place to come. If you want things other than that I'd invite you to visit them on the internet where they certainly have them! But for me and this blog I want to lift people up and hope they have a joyous time reading what I write. I want it to show love and humor and happiness. That's my goal.

I also thank the nursery for allowing me to take the pix. They looked at me as if I was a bit nutty but they agreed. I had no control over lighting, it was what it was and there was nothing to be done about it but for the most part it was certainly adequate. I worked around the staff and customers, who were kind and gracious when noticing I was "shooting" pictures. But you might see a head in some of the pictures. I think it just adds to the festiveness of the whole shebang! They always got out of the way without me even commenting to them. That's how people generally are around here: kind, loving and gracious. That's why I love Idaho so much.

Cup of hot chocolate anyone? Nuuuuu, not real. Since this place sells candy it was sprinkled around the little kitchen area of the nursery. You could tell what was fake and what was real because the "real" candy had cellophane on it with an "ingredients" sticker on it. Most of the stuff was faux though. :-)

Cookie Jar and some "real" sweets!

Oh, be still my heeeartttt!! Chocolate cheesecake - my most favorite dessert of all desserts in all the whole world.....faux though. Hah

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.......(singing in my most melodious tones!) and cookies baking in the vintage oven.

Sparkly balls on stems.

Who would have ever thought of a "chocolate" tree?!??! Yesssssssss!!!

I showed these cupcakes to my ebay group and they asked me what they were made of. I don't know; I didn't pick them up. But they sure looked real and delish, chicks!!

Little tarts........uhhhh, the desserts, not you, my little cherubs! And little chocolate and red sparkly "peppermint" drops.......

Okay okay, so you've seen the snowman apron in another post, adjust and live with it! This is just a close up of his sweet face and mitten-hand pockets.

Ice cream cone hanging ornies, ribbon candy, banana splits, tarts and candy garlands! More to coooooooome!! Hehehe and hohohoho.......

Frosty gum drops..........

I want this clock more than you can ever imagine. It may be mine when we go back there this weekend.

Ice cream sundae hanging ornies........

Ummmmm.......wonder if this would fit around hubs' neck and I could bite it every once in a while. LOL Yep, it's a real one - cellophane and ingredient sticker, remember???? ;-)

Looks like a peppermint sweet candy but it's a pedestal cake plate.

Another pedestal cake plate, just a tad different from one above. And some bon-bons, faux, under a cloche.

Dive right in my sweets!

Lemon meringue pie hanging ornies, cupcakes, cherry pie and chocolate cake! a kid in a candy store.

This cone looks more like a yogurt instead of ice cream and then there's the pink and yellow faux cupcakes!!! Yummmm

Well, that's it for today, but I'm telling ya I'm saving the pi├Ęce de resistance for the last. However, there are more things coming with the next couple of posts that I doubt you've seen anywhere else. You think the above stuff can't be topped???? Au contraire, mes amis, oui, il peut!! Just you wait. This is the 15th in the series and there are a total of 18 so only 3 more to go after this one. It ain't over yet, my little chickees......