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Friday, January 25, 2008

Cottages and Chandeliers

My group of decorating buddies are all pretty much into chandeliers, shabby chic and roses and beautiful rooms for our homes. I put a beautiful chandelier in my dining area in our scaled down home and, personally, I think it faaaabbbulous, dahling. I love elegance even though my home is far from elegant. It's a "last home I'll ever live in" house!

But this little jewel of a cottage is just that - a tiny cottage with a loft for a bedroom. And although you cannot see it, the bedroom is behind those posts in the loft and the bathtub is actually in the bedroom.

Notice the elegant chandelier hanging over the table. The home itself is one big room and really quite small but it shows the true "shabby chic" elements. Elegance mixed with old stuff. The sofa the lady owns is actually painted. She didn't like the colors of the print on the sofa so she painted them! It looks beautiful and you can just glimpse a tiny bit of the sofa behind the buffet on the left. And the top picture is the actual living room. See the sofa she painted!

I love this tiny cottage.

Hubby Modeling My Newest Apron!

Okay, so he ain't the hunk that Rhea's hubby is but he's MY hunk! LOL. I asked Jack to model this apron I made on thursday and he was more than happy to do it. NOT!! But being the sweetie he is (and asking me to not get his face in it - I'm guessing that's because his former Marine buddies might recognize him.) - I complied with his wishes.

This one is made of Ralph Lauren strawberries and is a break from my usual shabby chic and roses kind but it's a cute fabric and I like it.

But I have to give hubby a hand........he handles it quite well and isn't suffering any trauma today from the photo shoot. Hah!!!

Filbert St. on Telegraph Hill

How would you like to traverse these steps every time you went grocery stopping or had something to be delivered to your house?! Yes, these are actually steps to little cottages in SF. It's a lush area of overgrown of honeysuckle, fuchsia, overgrown ivy, ferns, trees and wild flowers. Just quiet and lush. BUT each resident has to walk up and down these steps every single time they leave their house. It looks so serene living there.