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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Tote Bag

First, here's a photo from my granddaughter's hubby's cell phone of our great granddaughter, Miss Caroline, 16 months old, taking her swimming lessons. When they were here visiting us and she was put on a playground swing, I noticed she had no fear—the higher they pushed her the more she laughed and liked it. So I suggested they give her swimming lessons just in case. After seeing her in a small child's pool in her backyard, they agreed. She is now loving the lessons and will put her face underwater. Ooooh, and the binky? Love Bunny says it's her flotation device. Her mummy said she loves that binky!

I decided to do another bag with a bit more room in it. This is what I've been working on for a few days. Remember, there is no pattern so I'm making it up as I go along. Not quite finished in this photo.

The back of it. Still have a scrap of that vintage pillowcase lace if I want to do another one.

Here it is finished. If I give this one away, the flower stays with me! LOL

I made this little ribbon rose many, many years ago when just learning how to do them well. This is one of only a few that are my favorites. I doubt I'll ever part with them since it was my first try. I've gotten a bit better though. I love crafting these flowers.

Thoughtful People

I have no clue why this published early. I wanted it to post on 10/4/11! Sigh...

I have the most delightful neighbors. He teaches high school and she's a psychotherapist and they have 2 little girls: Ella, 6, and Hadley, 4. Hadley had open heart surgery as an infant and really gets around just fine now as a very energetic 4 yr. old. They're both little pistols, trust me. They know to vacate the sidewalk and driveway when they hear the garage door go up and always asks hubs if they can see his trains. A few days ago they came over with their bouquet of flowers for hubby and me. Quite a cute little twosome if I do say so. Ella once proceeded to give me all of their passwords for the garage and computer. LOL I looked at her dad; he looked at me and shrugged and then proceeded to reprimand her. I think she's going to be elected the next Homeowners Association President of our subdivision! She cannot keep a secret! Cute. This is the bouquet.

Then later in the day our friends from down the street and their 2 kids brought by a bouquet for watching the younger two while they were going through a crisis earlier in the week. How thoughtful some people are!