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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Faux Cupcake Giveaway & New Cottage Picture

Okay, sweet chicks, we've reached the 25,000 visitor mark. Now, I know that isn't much by some standards but I think it's pretty significant. I mean that you even consider my blog worthy to visit is an amazement to me!! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for tuning in and listening to my ramblings. I know they can be boring sometimes. I hope to continue but I have to admit that posting each and every day takes a lot out of this ol' lady - and OLD lady!! I may not be posting every day from now on. I have a hubby and house to take care of ya know!!

So now I'm officially offering this "painting" of cupcakes and roses for a giveaway. Just leave a comment on THIS post and your name will be entered. Let's give it until wednesday night for the drawing. That will give anyone who wants a chance to enter. If you want to win you must leave me an email address to contact you. Otherwise, how will I let you know?!!

Isn't this gorgeous??!! I saw it as a banner on another blog and tried finding it on the internet. I love this artist and found this for a fantastic price from someone's website and ordered it. It just got here today and I have to say it is even lovelier in person. She is
absolutely my most favorite artist. So I thought I'd share it with you all. Click to enlarge to see it's beauty. :-) Nuuuuuuuuuu, this is NOT part of the giveaway!!

New Fabric for Camper and a Table

With the help of Susan from Urgangardens I was finally able to find the fabric for the new camper and it arrived today. It really is pretty. It was $20.00 a yard for the top one with the big pink roses. The bottom fabric was $8.00 a yard and has coordinating tiny roses. The underside of the bottom cushions and the back side of the back cushions will have just plain white sheeting or something similar. Since it isn't on display no sense in covering it in expensive fabric. (Love Bunny's thoughts, not necessarily mine!) But that's fine. This will probably be a fall or winter project. I've other things to do now and some I want to do before I tackle making the cushion covers.

By now most of you are familiar with our television situation. We didn't have or want one but our kids came up for Christmas 3 years ago and bought us one just after they got off the plane! We had to make a stop at Best Buy for it because they wanted to watch videos they brought up with them. Then the television went right back into the box. Hubs made a plywood top to fit it and I threw a temporary cloth over it until I could make something for it. The time has come, chicks and today was the day.

I had that popular quilt with the roses on it on both sides that was very popular 2 years ago on ebay for pillows. I think I sold one computer bag I made out of it and that was it. So I have a couple of these quilts left. So it is for the top of the "table." Then I didn't have enough of any one fabric that would go with it for the bottom. Jumped into car, drive to Joannes and came home with a suitable fabric and sewed it up this afternoon. Below is close up and a far view of it. The green really does match the top and it nice looking. I love skirts on tables, but especially on top of things that aren't what they appear to be and we want to disguise them. This was the case here. Prior to today it had a green matelassè cover thrown over it and it was just too big for it. This new one fits nicely and looks pretty.The green fabric was very good quilting fabric and I got 7 yards for $21.00! It was the better kind and I had a coupon so it was a really great fabric for 40% off. A good day all around, little cherubs!!