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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Master Bedroom Redo July 2009

We now come to the new painted bedroom. As I said before I had the walls filled with "fluff" because I didn't like seeing the beige color but with loving the pink so much I've pared down the wall "fluff" this time.

I took about 20 yards of pink tulle netting and draped it above the bed swagging down with bouffant poofs tied with organza ribbon and topped off with pink paper roses. Lovely I think but then it's MY bedroom. :-)

A closer view of the wall behind the bed shows you a canvas painting I purchased and what I did with it. It isn't very big at 8" x 10" but when I saw it on Gail's website I knew it was mine. I snatched it up surprisingly quick! I didn't want to frame it because the last picture I had framed was $350.00 after a 50% discount. Love Bunny almost passed out from that experience. So I decided to be creative. (Shopping at my own house again.)

I couldn't find a mat in a 22" x 28" without getting a costly custom one so I decided to just put another picture frame around it inside of the larger frame to "frame" it. Then since Gail sent me 2 printed pictures of more of her art I "fun-tac-ed" it to the wall. A snippet of leftover pink garland and it was finished. Then a sign I bought last year from Catherine was put on one side and an embroidered piece I did about 25 years ago went on the other side.

I had 5 pom-poms in the bedroom but only hung 3 back up. One in this corner and 2 on the other side of the bed wall. I added a pot of violets on the little corner cabinet I confiscated at my daughter's last year and painted shabby white. Instead of the Paul deLongpre prints thumb tacked to the walls in this corner, I added 2 cottage prints. The roses curtains are some that I had in the family room but replaced with white ruffle-y ones in there now. (See post from a few days ago.)

Decisions for this wall were the hardest to decide on. I have several message boards on which I display tags and gifts from my sweet ebay group and I wanted them in this room. Also my wedding dress, the news clipping from our marriage that my sister had framed and gave to me many years ago, some vintage baby clothes (mine!) and my doll clothes from when I was a child are hanging on that wall. Boxes of ephemera, photos and stationery are stacked in here and on the chair I refurbished a few months ago.

A shelf remains but the vignette is a tad different. I added a scarf, poofed it out, added the faux greenery, 3 crowns I made and some cards my hubby gave me. The letter "C" was a gift from another woman on my ebay group. I love that hand painted wood letter and since my initials are both"C" it can be used as a family initial also.

My side of the room with the 2 pom-poms in pink.

And lastly, a close-up of the painting over the bed.

I've decided to show you my message boards up close. Birthday greetings, tags from sellers, pretty calling or business cards, "just because" tags, beaded fripperies from Berrtie, tags that simply say they love me and cute pictures I've collected from various places, just anything I think is beautiful and worthy of being pinned to my boards. I even have special thumb tacks on which I've glued ribbon roses onto their heads. Nothing and I mean nothing goes on there that isn't beautiful!

Middle message board. Embroidered and painted hearts from my sweet ebay group chicks. There is so much love and support in there it's a miracle. I love them all and I think the feeling is reciprocated. ;-) We truly do lift each other up above the fray and hard times in life.

Third message board. Old ephemera, hand painted cards, note cards collected over the years, a little hanging heart hand painted by Celeste, just lots of flouncy stuff.

And this. You wonder what it is? Well, it's a bath "puff" that has come unraveled. It is such a bright pink fuchsia color that I can't part with it and besides, I use Oil of Olay bath/body wash and it smells so wonderful that it fragrances up the entire area in which it hangs. Yummm...... Sigh........